Choi Jin Ri – or more commonly known by her stage name Sulli – is slowly re-emerging back into the public eye with her solo debut track ‘Goblin’, as well as recently appearing alongside close-friend IU in Hotel Del Luna.

Formerly a member of girl group f(x), Sulli hasn’t been one to shy away from “controversy”, from her public relationship with rapper Choiza to posting bra-less pictures on Instagram, to more recently live-streaming herself getting drunk with a few friends. Many fans speculate that the negative media backlash ultimately led her to leave f(x) in 2015.

Following her departure, Sulli went on to focus on her career as an actress, starring in films such as The Pirates, Fashion King, Real. So it came as a shock to fans when SM Entertainment announced in June that she would be releasing a new special album

It wouldn’t be the first time the Sulli dabbled back into music since leaving f(x), as she was a featured singer in Dean’s single “Dayfly”, released in 2018. But many fans – particularly those that have been eagerly waiting on an f(x) reunion – expressed confusion at the sudden decision to embark on a solo career.

The debut single ‘Goblin’ consists of three tracks: title track of the same name, “On The Moon” and “Dorothy.” Sulli participated in writing lyrics for all three songs.

Written by Sulli, the lyrics for Goblin reflects Sulli’s thoughts on other people’s perception of her. The music video continues with this theme of identity by portraying a person with dissociative identity disorder.

In more recent news, Sulli is in talks to star in the second installment of ‘Netflix’ original series ‘Persona’.Be it acting or singing, we’re excited to see what Sulli has in store for the future.


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