MyMusicTaste has announced tour dates for The Rose’s upcoming tour, We Rose You Live.
Check out the list of dates below!
City Date Venue Prices


3rd November 2019 Palladium VIP: 540 zt

Balcony: 230 zt

GA: 190 zt


5th November 2019 Astra Kulturhaus

VIP: 120€

GA: 45€


8th November 2019 Magazzini Generali

VIP: 121€

Balcony: 56€

GA: 46€


12th November 2019 Le Bataclan

VIP: 120€

Balcony: 55€

GA: 45€


14th November 2019 Melkweg

VIP: 120€

Balcony: 55€

GA: 45€


17th November 2019 La Madeleine

VIP: 135€

GA: 52€


19th November 2019 Sala Apolo

VIP: 120€

GA: 45€


22nd November 2019 Lisboa ao Vivo

VIP: 120€

Balcony: 50€

GA: 40€

London (1) (2)

24th November 2019

25th November 2019


VIP: £110

GA: £45


27th November 2019 Academy 3

VIP: £110

GA: £45

Moscow 29th November 2019 BY Arbat Hall

VIP: 8500 ₽

Balcony: 5000₽

GA: 3000₽

Presale for tickets has not officially been announced. However, according to MyMusicTaste’s website, it appears presale will approximately be between 17th to 19th September 2019. You can always find more information on their website here.

As always, please ensure that you know your rights when purchasing tickets. Our advice at UKP is to:

  • Always check ticket website wording and any small print on the page;
  • Check T&Cs in confirmation emails;
  • If you believe your tickets have been mis-sold, look to contact ticket seller customer services
  • If necessary, complaints can be made to ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) and STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers)
  • Remember that PayPal and credit card payments are often covered.

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