Infamous for their Pop-Rock style, F.T. Island is making their comeback soon with their seventh mini-album, “Zapping”. This release will mark the first official release from the band since the departure of leader, Jonghoon. However, the group are still growing from strength to strength and moving forward to prove why they are a legendary band within the industry.

The group’s last comeback cycle in South Korea in 2016 with “Take Me Now” but they have still continued to perform in live shows and travelling to Japan for separate promotions. However, between then and now; F.T. Island have still continued to create music as the special album; “Over 10 Years” celebrated their tenth anniversary since debut.

With this upcoming album, the controversy surrounding Jonghoon has kept interest in how the group will evolve but the members have made their intentions clear – especially main vocalist, Hongki who has refused to forgive his former leader. Instead of focusing on negatives, F.T. Island will be embracing the future as “Quit” will also be the last comeback before Hongki begins his military duties at the end of this month.

Are you excited for the return of F.T. Island? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for the release of “Zapping” on September 9th.


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