Taeyeon’s second album, Purpose, has charted on iTunes charts across Europe!
The SNSD singer charted in a total of 21 countries worldwide, with European countries Turkey and Hungary on the list.
As well as this, her album charted in multiple other European countries. The list includes:
  • Poland (no.3)
  • Sweden (no.3)
  • Denmark (no.5)
  • Portugal (no.5)
  • Netherlands (no.6)
  • Finland (no.8)
  • Italy (no.8)
  • Spain (no.9)
  • Ireland (no.11)
  • Germany (no.18)
In the UK, the singer peaked at no.11. This is an incredible feat for the singer, who had previously delayed her comeback due to Sulli’s unfortunate passing.
Purpose is Taeyeon’s second full album as a solo artist and features the title track, Spark. The song is an alternative soul-pop genre track, with lyrics that express Taeyeon’s identity and vision as an artist.
Check out the MV below!

Congratulations to Taeyeon on her European success!

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