This week, we are celebrating Guy Fawkes’ Night but Idols and artists alike have been popping off like fireworks with brand new singles and videos to warm up the cold winter’s night. As always, the UKP Team have picked out a wide selection of highlights that have been on repeat in the office all week.

After his success in “Produce X 101”; UP10TION’s Wei has shed his stage name and has made his debut with the suave Hip-Hop track, “I Like That”.

The nation’s new pop pairing, Hyuna & DAWN (previously Pentagon’s E’Dawn) released their first P Nation tracks at the same time and even did initial conferences together to promote both “Flower Shower” & “Money”. If that isn’t industry couple goals, we don’t know what is.

Previously disbanded after their 2016 single; “Whoo”, the girls of Rainbow are reuniting to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. At the time of this article, the music video is scheduled to release on the 14th November with their special album but fans have already been treated to the emotional ballad, “I Dream of You”.

GOT7 are back and fans are treated to a darker side of the group in sexy leather suits and striking choreography which the boys are known well for. With the seductive concept; they have also teamed up with English producer, Jonas Blue for the title track, “You Calling My Name”.

Kim Chungha’s labelmates, BVNDIT have followed in their “older sister’s” footsteps and snapped; embracing the classic exotic concept for their first mini-album title track; “Dumb”.

With over five years of hit tracks under their belt – not including their solo projects – hip-hop power-house MFBTY are back as Bizzy, Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae release another fierce track, “Dream Catcher”.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon reprises her musical role as Akali as the K/DA star joins League Of Legends’ new group; True Damage for their single, “GIANTS”.

Check out the full list of releases below;

4th November EXO “Bird” Bird (Japanese Single)
Song Gain “엄마 아리랑 (Mom Arirang)” 佳人
GOT7 “You Calling My Name” Call My Name
Lee Jinhyuk (Wei of UP10TION) “I Like That” S.O.L
VICTION “nostalgic” nostalgia
Neon “Nothing’s Right” “VIP” Soundtrack
Futuristic Swaver “Airspray” Swag Society
Donutman “Smile” Smile
DinDin “Soom” (Feat. Sandeul of B1A4) Soom
Hersh “Falling Into You” (Feat. JUSTHIS) Falling Into You
Dana Kim “Cat And Dog” (Feat. Hauzee) First Anxiety
Tamiz “Wasted Times” (Feat. Jooyoung & Mckdaddy) Cat And Dog
Bambee “Urban Radius” When I’m Awake: Vintage
SUDI “Take A Shower” Take A Shower
5th November BVNDIT “Dumb” BE!
Hyuna “Flower Shower” Flower Shower
WayV “Love Talk” (English Version) Love Talk
Roh Taehyun “Highlight” “Catch The Ghost” Soundtrack
Kim Geun Young “언제까지나 (Always)” “Everybody Say Kungdari” Soundtrack
Dunk “어디에서 왔을까 (First)” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” Soundtrack
Kim Yeon Ji “흉터 (Scar)” “The Tale of Nokdu” Soundtrack
Olltii “OSU” OSU
Yuzion “Look At Me!! (Remix)” (Feat. Changmo & Flavordash) Look At Me!! (Remix)
WONJAEWONJAE “holy (Feat. KEMBETWA & Roc Lee) holy
HAYAN HOUSE “Screen (Feat. CHOILB)” 임대문의
Ludwig “Mirror” Mirror
6th November Favorite “Catch Me” Catch Me (Japanese Single)
Lee Junyoung (Jun of U-KISS) “My Way (Feat. Reddy)” My Way (Japanese Single)
The Boyz “Tattoo” Tattoo (Japanese Debut Mini-Album)
1TEAM “Make This” ONE
Kim Dongjun (ZE:A) “Alone” Alone
Melomance “Festival” Festival
Zion T “May” May
XBF & BLOO “Candle” Candle
Leellamarz “NO! (Feat. Suran)” NO!
OSA Crew “Candy (Feat. OLNL)” Journey 1
ACACY “Queue Jumping (Feat. Khundi Panda & Young Jay)” Two Weeks
TOMSSON “Dongdaegu Station” Meta Fiction
Sim Hye Ji “반고흐 (Feat. Bully Da Ba$tard)” 반XX
Taylor “What’s The Problem” What’s The Problem
7th November ELO X Penomeco “LOVE? (feat. GRAY)” ODD
Minyoung (Brave Girls) & Chakun “Tears 2019” Tears 2019
NOEL “Late Night” Late Night
Rainbow “I Dream of You” Over The Rainbow (10th Anniversary Single)
STRAY KIDS “끝나지 않을 이야기 (Neverending Story)” “Extraordinary You” Soundtrack
Lee Young Ji “New History” New History
MUSHVENOM “Let Me Know” Let Me Know
Austin “MOON” 032
Jay Moon “Bud & the Moon” Bud & the Moon
Skinny Chase “Pharmacy (Feat. DJ Vamos)” Pharmacy
d’sperado (Anonymous Artists) “Clumsy One” Clumsy One
BlueWhale “Emotion” Emotion
8th November Nari “favorita” favorita
Paper Planet “HEAVEN (Feat. Sojung of Ladies Code)” HEAVEN
BTS “Make It Right (Acoustic Remix feat. Lauv)” Make It Right (Acoustic Remix)
Primary “woozoo (Feat. Sumin & QimIsle)” 3-PAKTORY01
Stella Jang “Miracle (Feat. Paul Kim)” Miracle
RAVI “LIMITLESS (Feat. Sik-K & Xydo)” LIMITLESS Part.1
ZICO “Being left (Feat. Dvwn)” THINKING Part.2
Year of The Ox “Run Amuck” Run Amuck
NiiHWA & maddox “Passport” Passport
allday4real “Intime (Feat. Skinny Brown & 😛 GLOO)” Persona
SailBoat “Blind” Blind
Seo actor & Dept “It Hurts” It Hurts
Sikboy “fallin'” fallin’
Inthe7li “24Hour” Episode 2: Light Love (Pre-Release Single)
9th November Eluphant “Winter Rain (Feat. Punch)” 4
Giriboy “이혼서류” 2 Little Bites From Fatal Album III
Xydo “For Sure” For Sure
S+FE Crew “조심행 (Feat. Luka Lavish, ZENE THE ZILLA & KOR KASH)” S+FETY FIRST Vol. 1
mobby Lannistar “치열하게 비열하게 (Feat. QWALA)” decay
Boyboyboy “Soap” FULLHOUSE
10th November LEO (VIXX) “All Of Me” All Of Me
Park Kyung (Block B) “사랑을 한 번 할 수 있다면 (To Love Only Once)” 사랑을 한 번 할 수 있다면
True Damage (SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, Keke Palmer, Becky G, DUCKWRTH & Thutmose) “GIANTS” “League Of Legends” 2019 World Championship Finals
MFBTY “Dream Catcher” Dream Catcher
hyun “Run Away (Feat. Basick)” Adult
SOMDEF “Reality (Feat. Dok2 & Illson a.k.a Double K)” Reality
“SignHere Special” “Back It Up” [MBA & Jongup of B.A.P (Feat. BOLA, Make a Movie, Munchman, anngyeungjaebee, COVA, GV)] “SignHere Special” Compilation
Tommy Strate & Lil Oppa “No Protect” No Protect
Planet Black “Do ma Thang” Do ma Thang
ICE PUFF “Midnight Swerve (Feat. Razyboyocean & Freebrat)” Midnight Swerve

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