MONSTA X’s Someone Someone aired on Spanish radio!
On 10th November, a fan uploaded a video clip of Spanish radio LOS40 on Twitter.
In the clip, host Tony Aguilar discussed the campaign to bring back Wonho and gave his support to fans. He then plays the group’s latest all-English track, Someone’s Someone.
You can check out the MV for the track below.

On 31st October, Wonho announced his departure from MONSTA X after multiple allegations. These allegations include an unpaid debt, probation for theft, and a drugs case from 2013. Neither allegation has been confirmed or denied.
Since then, Monbebe have campaigned for his return. Numerous trends, including “#원호탈퇴반대” (Against Wonho Leaving), “StarshipProtectMonstaX7”, and “아이돌도_인간이다” (Idols are Human too), continue to rise on Twitter almost two weeks later. As well as this, fans have held silent protests and organised billboards around the world.
With their campaign grabbing the attention of Western media, one must wonder what Starship have in mind for the group.

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