Ailee has given us the gift of another angelical Christmas song! The song of this week is her Christmas single ‘Sweater’.

On December 12th, Ailee dropped a new song in time or Christmas, and I’ve been playing it non stop!

The song has a piano and string accompaniment, giving that classic Christmas song feel. It may not be upbeat, but its a beautiful hopeless love song. The song gives the feeling of having a yearning to be with the person you love even though they are far away. The lyrics talk about wearing your loved ones sweater to keep them closer to you. I like how raw and tragically beautiful it is.

The song itself not only has a Korean version but one in English, both with their own MV. The music video is absolutely beautiful and shows the story and the sentimentality. The lyrics give of the feel of a message to a lover, but the MV gives us more than that. The music video gives different story lines, each showing missing a loved one. A message to take from the music video, is to cherish your loved ones especially at this time of year.

Ailee’s Christmas tear-jerker has just the right sentimentality for the season, tied with her beautiful voice, it is just fit for the spot of the song o the week.

Give the festive music video a watch, and let us know what you think of the song! Merry Christmas!



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