Jungkook has given fans some clues for “CONNECT, BTS”.
On Twitter, the maknae posted a selfie with the caption “For ARMY #CONNECT_BTS”. In the background, there is a notice board with photos of landmarks from various cities.
With speculations of “CONNECT, BTS” being billboard screens, some fans have guessed that the photos could be locations for them.
For London, Jungkook’s photo shows Regent Street (south). This is a hot tourist spot for shopping and for watching the huge display at Piccadilly Circus.
Another fan spotted a photo of an art exhibition piece named Clearing VII. This piece, by Antony Gormley, is currently being shown at Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly.
Furthermore, the photo for the other European location, Berlin, shows Brandenburg Gate. According to fans, it shows the back of the gate where the TV Tower is visible.
“CONNECT, BTS” is a schedule from the group’s comeback map, as released earlier in the week. It begins in London (and online) on Tuesday 14th January and travels through five cities, with the only other European location being Berlin on Wednesday 15th January. The comeback map does not detail the time, however, it is mentioned that any dates and times on the map are in KST.
Are you excited to see what “CONNECT, BTS” is about?

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