It is rare for a girl group to step so far away from the status quo but that seems to be the winning formula for Dreamcatcher, who made their return this week with their first full-album; “Dystopia: The Tree of Language”. Unfortunately, due to the delays of Chinese promotions, member Handong is not part of this release but that certainly has not changed the group’s style and concept.

This album marks the start of a new story created by the group; who originally debuted with their Nightmare Story Arc (“Chase Me” to “Piri”) and the special project with King’s Raid that displayed a dramatic world of royalty (“Deja Vu”). Within the story spoiler, the album seems to start the story of the titled Tree of Language and the spirit who resides within. She harnesses power from the good of the world; collecting words such as “Shining”, “Good Forever” and “Hope it’s fine”. However, negativity is soon consuming the world and the spirit with it; shown in the dramatic ageing and the Tree’s magical blooms soon decaying. The six girls – Dreamcatcher – may be apprentice witches or guardians of the tree who lived happily alongside it but they are witnessing the changes as the spirit shows signs of malice and corruption. The story so far seems to match with “Scream” and its opening words; One day the light did not come. People forgot how to say good things.

Dreamcatcher have opened up in recent interviews on the connect between their Dream world and the real world; linking the concept of Medieval witch hunts to that of modern day society; with the title song itself bitterly replying to verbal attacks and the music video depicting a corrupted land caused by the Tree of Language’s steady decay.

Produced with the help of LEEZ and Ollounder; the brains behind ATEEZ’s recent works; Dreamcatcher has embraced a hard-hitting mix of metal and electronica but still adds a theatrical twist to suit their story-telling concept. Each segment has its own character and style; Jiu’s delicate voice in the pre-chorus adding a sense of weakness before building to the strong beats and Gahyeon & Dami’s sharp chanting rap adding the sense of resentment. The song itself is a development of character; a person in pain but soon growing stronger & returning the treatment tenfold; from “Please, I don’t want to scream” to “I just want to make you scream.”

The album houses a wide range of tracks; ranging from the group’s classing rock style (“Tension”, “SAHARA”), mysterious EDM (“Red Sun”, “In The Frozen”), funk-inspired pop (“Black or White”) and Dreamcatcher’s anniversary tracks; “Full Moon” and “To The Sky”. As a special addition, the album also houses the physical release of member Siyeon’s official solo debut, “Paradise”. For new arrivals to the fan-base, there is something for everyone but for InSomnias; it is a true love letter from the enchanting dreamers and taste of what’s to come for the Dystopia Story Arc.

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