MyMusicTaste has released an update on ATEEZ’s second world tour, “The Fellowship: Map the Treasure”.
Check it out below.

Original Article:
ATEEZ’s European tour will be postponed.
On 11th March, MyMusicTaste posted the unfortunate news on social media, stating that all dates will be rescheduled. This includes concert dates, global fansign events and the special events.
Over the last week, there has been an increase in COVID-19 across Europe, with bans on large gatherings in France and Warsaw. These regulations have made it difficult to continue holding the tour.
However, not all is lost! MyMusicTaste will soon announce new dates, as well as ticketing and refunding policies. This information will also discuss the validity of tickets for new tour dates.
Fans can expect refunds for special events by 13th March 2020.
Read the full statement below.

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