D-Crunch is heading to Europe this June!
The kpop group will host two fun and intimate concerts in Warsaw (11th June) and Stockholm (13th June).

Check out full concert details on Facebook.
There are three ticket types to purchase:
  • Yellow: includes a photo (single), real-time autograph signing, merchandise, hi-touch and first entry.
  • Green: includes hi-touch and second entry
  • Blue: last entry.

Those who purchase a yellow or green ticket before 1st April 2020 will automatically be entered into a raffle where you could win soundcheck tickets. There are ten in total.

KPD Events was founded in 2019 and puts fans at the heart of concerts. As well as a raffle, KPD Events has announced a city-wide competition: whichever city has the most ticket sales before 31st March will gain a random dance play with D-Crunch before the concert. So, make sure you get your tickets quick!
You can find out more information about KPD Events via their website.
Are you excited to see D-Crunch?

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