From Produce 101, I-Teen Girls and now blossoming ever since their 2017 debut; Weki Meki have always kept fans on their toes in terms of style & concept. However, their latest release, “DAZZLE DAZZLE” is stepping back slightly to refresh previous styles and providing a more mature twist.

The UKP Team have delved into Weki Meki’s history in a recent Spotlight article; and it is true that the group have grown vocally and in their dancing skills. However, there is still little hints of the past formula that made songs such as “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” or “Picky Picky”. The song has a sassy hook – “Dazzle Dazzle Dazzle Me!” – that is almost a playground chant among the chorus but in comparison to previous songs; the combination of the brass and synth-pop instruments backs it up that it becomes addictive and not childish.

However, there was a few little parts that throws the song off guard. Bear in mind, this might not be an issue for all listeners but it is something to note in terms of composition. During the rap segment including Yoojung and Lua, the instrumental does suddenly drop to a trap section before returning back to its original set up. It is almost to be expected that every recent song includes a trap segment with a chanting rap verse, but with “DAZZLE DAZZLE”, it doesn’t seem to blend well; especially when it returns back to a repeat of the first verse. After this rap, Suyeon & Rina’s verse sounds as if it was placed in last minute and does not transition properly between the rap and the next chorus.

On a positive note, the song still holds up very well in the group’s discography. Each member shows off their individual vocals within the song without any “overshadowing” worried that may have lingered in the past. Lines seem to be more evenly shared within the members to a certain degree; main vocalists leading in terms of chorus and adlibs, younger members and dancers contributing in the verse and spoken lines. The girls carry this song with a playful style but still hold their own when showcasing their talents; especially within the bridge. Unlike some parts, it does tone down and transition beautifully back to the adorable post-chorus that is fuelled by the sharp Jazz-style notes in the instrumental. Doyeon & Suyeon hold their own in this section of the song, adding a different vibe while still making an overall impact to the song.

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Overall, this title track does hold up despite us being picky on production – see what we did there? It does need a little more impact to hold it up but it is a dazzling evolution from their first single back in 2017. Any lacking points in the audio are backed up by the ethereal music video; providing a full showcase of Weki Meki’s dance skills and visuals. It is quirky without being an overload of colour and cute. Although it may hold a slightly different judgement with audio alone; “DAZZLE DAZZLE” is still a fun song to listen to and certainly a good song to start with if you are a new Weki Meki fan. Take a look at the music video below and let us know what you think.

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