March 20th marks the First Day of Spring and some are already celebrating despite the given circumstances. For South Korea, it could mean welcoming Cherry Blossoms, escape to the countryside or cherish a certain musical “Zombie” that emerges back onto playlists. It is, of course, Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending”.

At first glance, it may not have the criteria for Song of The Week. It was released back in in 2012 from a group who is currently on “indefinite” hiatus but there is a reason why this song has been given the status of “Cherry Blossom Zombie”. It is the unofficial Spring Carol of South Korea and many believe that Spring begins when the song returns to music charts.

The song itself is penned as a romantic ballad but the rhythm makes it addictive. The lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, Jang Beomjun explained that the song was one that “a guy would pen while thinking about the woman he wanted to walk under the cherry blossoms in spring with”. The statement would be the perfect explanation of the song musically. The instrumental is light-hearted and cheerful, portraying the emotions many would think of first when imagining Springtime and wondering under Cherry Blossoms.

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Busker Busker encompasses these emotions with critical success with fellow producers such as Brave Brothers commenting on its sense of nostalgia and the cheerful melodies that contrast the sad lyrics. The public also seemed to agree as the song has appeared in digital charts without fail when Spring begins. This tradition has continued since the song’s release up until 2019, although the peak charting position has dwindled within the years. The song has not appeared on charts yet in 2020 at the time of this article but to many fans and artists alike; Spring wouldn’t begin without the “Cherry Blossom Ending”.

Excuse us for the bad pun but if you are new to the Indie genre, it is highly recommended and if you are curious; we have listed a small collection of Idols covering the songs below that you may have seen before.


NC.A (Soloist & UNI.T)

Yoseob (Highlight) & Sandeul (B1A4)

The Boyz

Jun & Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Kei & Sejung (Lovelyz)

Suzy (Miss A) – performing with Busker Busker



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