As the weather gets warmer and desires to go outside become stronger, things become harder during these times. Motivation is understandably low, but there’s nothing a slice of K-Pop can’t fix! These top picks will certainly get you through being stuck at home and give you that little boost of motivation you needed.

1) ITZY – Wannabe

In terms of staying hype and uplifted, “Wannabe” certainly is the song to get the blood pumping. ITZY’S sassy lyrics and upbeat tempo makes it an absolute necessity for your K-Pop playlist! Especially for your daily exercise or just to dance to in your living room – it definitely is a perfect song to stay active to!

2) MCND – Ice Age

Lately, the temperature has slowly begun to rise, so why not cool off with some “Ice Age”? The upbeat chorus and its bright chilly concept will certainly throw you into a great mood!

3) ACE – Take me higher

Perhaps you miss those summer vibes? The bright colours and picturesque scenery seems forever out of your reach… With A.C.E’s soothing voices and fun and funky visuals, those summer vibes can be felt within your own home! Even on rainy or cold days, the boys can boost those spirits and take your mind to a warmer location.

4) Jessi – Who Dat B

Grab your party outfit and slay with Queen Jessi to “Who Dat B”, which certainly should be on a video call party playlist. An honourable mention to add to your list would be Jessi’s “Drippin (Feat. Jay Park)”, both recommendations ooze in sass and visuals. Feel like a Queen or King while moving to this anthem and dance like nobody is watching!

5) OFFONOFF – Gold (Feat. Dean)

If you are more of a lo-fi person, who vibes to chill music, then OFFONOFF will be perfect for you. If you are an artist, enjoy crafting or just need some sort of soothing tune to get your work done, “Gold” is the one! Colde’s lead vocals certainly work in harmony with Dean’s soothing backup vocals. Some other OFFONOFF classics include “Photograph” and “Good2me (Feat PUNCHNELLO)”, both possessing the similar soothing melody.

6) J-Hope of BTS – Chicken Noodle Soup (Feat. Becky G)

In regards to upbeat melody, it would be an absolute crime if “Chicken Noodle Soup” was not mentioned. The mixture of Korean and Spanish lyrics makes it a perfect combination and the perfect song to lift your spirits. The catchy lyrics and sensational dance moves makes it a must have on your playlist!

7) MAMAMOO – Hip

Hip! Hip! Mamamoo is yet another perfect choice for high energy and uplifting lyrics, involving iconic dance moves and a fun beat to move to. If this song doesn’t get you moving, who knows what will!! In their music video, they also feature the Korean drag artist Kim Nana, a well-known icon in the Korean drag scene.

8) NCT 127 – Kick it

NCT 127 does not fail to deliver the hype and thrill in their songs, especially in their most recent music video “Kick It”. With their sexy visuals, dance moves and catchy lyrics, it is a great song to kick you into that great mood!

9) WINNER – Hold

If you love goofy and funny groups, Winner is certainly the one for you. “Hold’s” unusual and hilarious concept will certainly make you laugh and smile. The boys definitely seemed like they had fun with this one, with their over exaggerated acting and the video’s ‘memey’ scenes, it is certainly a video to have a good laugh at.

10) KARD – Bomb Bomb

Back at it with the colourful visuals, “Bomb Bomb” would make anyone miss the late night parties. With the mixture of vibrant outfits and intense choreography, KARD definitely do not lack in the upbeat department. Try listening to their debut song “Hola Hola”, a song that will remind you of summer!

What sort of songs are you listening to right now? Maybe they are high tempo tracks to move to in your living room or those songs that make you reminiscent about summer. Whatever they are, we hope this playlist will lift your spirits and keep you active!


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