SM Entertainment’s bubblegum pop group NCT Dream have shifted to a more harder edged sound, recently dropping their track “Ridin”. This song is different to previous releases, giving the boys that signature NCT sound.

NCT Dream are known for their bubblegum sound, with tracks like “Chewing Gum” setting them apart from the other NCT units. However “Ridin” follows the classic NCT formula that NCT127 and NCT U tend to follow – an EDM-inspired track complete with heavy synths and an addictive bass line.

One of the best things about this track is the vocal mix. Haechan takes the lead, with Chenle and Renjun close behind him. The trio’s vocals blend well with the rap and abrasive soundscape. On the other hand, rapper Jaemin takes over, with Jisung and Jeno taking more supportive roles.

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However, heavy autotuning means that some of Jaemin’s bars may cause confusion for unseasoned NCTzens and newcomers, with some notes resembling the tone of fellow NCT member Taeyong.

Ridin’ is definitely a strong addition to the Dream discography and will be stuck in your ears for hours.

Check out the music video below:


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