After having so many amazing concerts in the UK, it’s sad to see the kpop concert drought that coronavirus has caused. However, if you’ve got the concert blues, there are still plenty of ways to get your fix without leaving your house. Kpop concert DVD’s and the SM ‘Beyond LIVE’ concerts can be pretty pricey, so why not try out the 2015 Dream Concert on Netflix?

The two-hour long show claims to be the world’s biggest kpop festival and includes performances from a range of groups and artists that were popular in 2015. As it’s a recording, the camera often gives you a better view than what you would experience at a concert and, though it is less atmospheric, it’s a pretty good substitute.

With a variety of performances and sounds, there is something for everyone and one of the benefits of watching it 5 years on is that you can skip the songs you don’t like and re-watch the performances you love.

Starting with rookie group Red Velvet, dressed in pastels and ready to perform ‘Ice Cream Cake’, the show acts as a time machine that emphasises how much the kpop world has changed since 2015 as in 2019 they were called “the best idol group alive” by Billboard.

Red Velvet aren’t the only group included in the show that have since risen in popularity. Dream Concert also features performances of sweet Oh My Girl’s ‘Cupid’ and Lovelyz ‘Hi~’.

One of the biggest disappointments of the recorded concert is that they had to cut it down and, therefore, cut out some of the performances. Some of the removed performances include groups who are very popular now such as Monsta X, CLC and LaBoum – they can be found on YouTube, though.

Besides rookie groups, the show’s running order also highlights how much groups like BTS and GOT7 have grown in popularity. In 2015, they were put smack bang in the middle of the concert because they were only just starting to make big waves in the kpop industry. However, now they would be performing at the climax and would be the stars of the show.

The show also features some songs that you may have even forgotten about such as Elise’s ‘I’m Good’, Topp Dogg’s (now known as Xeno-T) ‘Top Dog’ and Vixx’s ‘Love Equation’ (which is still the most upbeat break-up song I’ve ever heard).

The time machine-esque feel of the recording is bound to make you feel very reminiscent when now-disbanded groups such as 4Minute, 24K and Nine Muses come on stage. But, it’s easy to cheer along with the song – since you’re watching it at home, you can also sing your hearts out – and not get too sad as they perform their hits ‘Crazy, ‘Hey You’ and ‘Drama’.

What are concerts without special stages? Believe it or not, Dream Concert has plenty of these too with performances from MFBTY that feature Chanyeol, Wendy, Baro, LE, Suga and RM as well as plenty of remixed songs and dance breaks.

And, of course, there are iconic performances from big names such as Sistar, Infinite, EXO and SHINee that end the show with a bang.

2015 Dream Concert isn’t the most up-to-date show, but, with its theatrical performances, explosive stage design and effects, and nostalgic vibes, it is the perfect way to experience a concert from the comfort of your sofa.


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