Think back to a time when boy groups embraced their inner Prince Charming; dancing in tailored suits in regal settings and hinting at a sense of fantasy. Groups pull off the fairytale setting with ease; for example “Overcome” by NU’EST, “Lovesick” by ROMEO and more. Recently, there hasn’t been many singles including this concept fully with just subtle hints in uniform but one group stepping out in the ‘flower prince’ look is just debuting this week; E’LAST, previously known as EBOYZ from E Entertainment.

You may recognise some of the members in the group from the latest Produce series; Won Hyuk and Won Jun who represented the company during their time in Produce X 101. Although they were eliminated in the eighth episode, both boys returned their gratitude to fans in special meetings and content through the trainee group, EBOYZ.

Over time, more members were introduced through online variety clips and special covers. Choi In, Rano, Seungyeop, Baekgyeul, Romin and Yejun joined the Produce duo to ‘unlock’ the name of E’LAST – a name which stands for everlasting. “DAY DREAM” is only the debut album but already, the members have honed their talents shown through their channel and actively participated in productions; especially within composing and writing some of the songs.

Their debut song, “Swear” is a track about holding on and keeping your promise despite the end of a dream. However, if you expected a normal boy group EDM number, you’d be mistaken. The dramatic fairy tale style fits perfectly with the song’s symphonic arrangement, opting for a grand orchestra and focusing on the power of the group’s vocal and rapping skills. Throw in the dramatic effect of darkness and time, and you have a group that could fit in and perform for any JRPG or mythical drama with ease. The concept is refreshing and for a debut, it will certainly stand out among the flurry of beat-drops and intense choreography. If you have not checked out the full album, “DAY DREAM” and its title song, “Swear” is available to stream on Apple Music.

Have the princes of E’LAST captivated you with their debut? Let us know in the comments and make sure to follow the group’s social media for more updates during their debut.


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