Nathan Sykes encouraged an ARMY to be proud of listening to BTS!
On 12th July, the British singer held an Instagram Q&A with fans. During this Q&A, a fan asked what artist the British singer felt embarrassed to admit he listened to, adding that they listen to BTS.
Nathan responded, “Never be embarrassed to listen to any artist.” He also added that BTS is “great” and that the fan should be “proud” to listen to them.
Image may contain: water, outdoor and nature, text that says "nathansykes 10m Send me through your questions! I'll answer tonight around 7pm BST What's one artist or song you listen to, but are too embarrassed to admit it?| listen to BTS Never be embarrassed to listen to any artist! BTS are are great and you should be proud to support them!"
Nathan Sykes is a British singer-songwriter who grew to fame as a member of The Wanted (2009-2014). He previously invited TXT to sing “Over and Over Again” with him after Taehyun posted a cover on Twitter. VICTON’s Seungsik also posted a cover of the song in 2017.

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