Whilst Kpop is recognised for its catchy beats, the genre is known for its visuals. This is obvious in almost any MV – but what is it that makes these music videos so appealing?

Visuals are everything. To make an iconic music video, it’s important to deliver something original that the audience has never seen before. MVs generally include numerous outfit changes, wide shots, and extravagant choreographies.

There’s no strict rule, however, MVs tend to fit a group’s original concept – for example, Red Velvet’s “Rookie” and TWICE’s “Knock Knock” fit the cute concept.

On the other hand, 4MINUTE’s “Crazy” and 2NE1’s “I am the Best” fit the sexy/basass category.

One of the biggest reasons why MVs are so important is due to music in Korean media being popularised by television and performances. The importance placed on visual aesthetics has reached a point where there is a “visual” position within these groups (the member deemed ‘most beautiful’ by Korean beauty standards).

Ultimately, unlike their western counterparts, Kpop MVs are more complex. While it’s easy to say that these MVs are almost as disposable as the music groups that make them, however its easy to forget that there’s only so much you can do with group dancing especially if they have many members.


Often armed with a high end budget, it’s easy to see why Kpop, particularly shooting MVs, is such a lucrative business.


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