If you’ve been keeping up with your K-dramas over the past few years, you may have become quite familiar with the voice of this week’s idol. Or else perhaps you’re a fan of Unpretty Rapstar? Either way, if you have any interest in Korean music, it’s very likely you’ve heard the name Heize.

Born as Jung Da-Hye, she made her debut in 2014 with a mini-album that bore the same title as her adopted stage name. The release saw moderate success, comprising of six songs and establishing her as a self-made artist. It wasn’t until she joined the second season of Unpretty Rapstar that she saw a surge in her popularity. Though she didn’t place first, being eliminated in the semi-finals, the show allowed her to showcase her talents to a wider audience, who saw a gifted singer, rapper and songwriter.

Following the uplift that the show gave her, Heize released her second mini-album, And July, which saw her enter the Gaon chart for the first time. And yet, she still climbed higher. Her first digital single to be released was an overwhelming success. ‘Star’ achieved an all-kill across Korean charts, with the MV sitting at 20 million views as of writing. Still to this day, many people know Heize for this song, and one of the lead singles of her follow up mini-album, ‘You, Clouds, Rain.’

After another mini-album entitled ‘Wind’, Heize release her first full-length album entitled ‘She’s Fine’. The album featured a plethora of collaborations with the likes of Simon Dominic and Jooyoung making an appearance. Collaborations are a strong suit for Heize. Over the years, she’s collaborated with Giriboy, EXO’s Chanyeol and Chen, and has produced and co-written with Suga and members of the former project group Wanna One. Her collaboration with Han Soo Ji for insanely popular drama ‘Goblin’, a track called ‘Round and Round’, is an instantly recognisable, haunting melody that fans of the drama will likely appreciate for a long time to come.

Heize has continued dipping her toes into the world of drama OST’s, with her most recent release ‘You’re Cold’ for ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ being a particular highlight. Her soft, lilting voice fits wonderfully with the mysterious, bittersweet feeling of the drama. She has also featured on the OST’s for ‘Prison Playbook, ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and ‘Hospital Playlist’, and will likely record far more.

With her latest mini-album ‘Lyricist’, the singer is building on the solid career that she has built through her consistent writing and soulful voice. Having left her mark with songs that are deeply linked to the stories people love and performing music that has reached out to many, she has carved herself a perfect place from which to climb higher.



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