ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha have made their debut with “IN-OUT”, which includes the work of European-based producers!
The unit’s first song, “Eyez On You”, is composed by The HUB‘s Charlotte Wilson, Frankie Day, Rajan Muse, Jan Baars and Jacob Aaron. Despite being a Korea-based producer collective, the producers credited are based in Europe.
The HUB previously worked with ASTRO for their last comeback, producing the title song, “KNOCK”. They also reacted to the song on their YouTube channel.
You can listen to “Eyez On You” on Spotify, along with the rest of the album.
On 14th September, ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha made their unit debut with “IN-OUT”. The mini-album consists of five songs, including the title song “Bad Idea”. Check out the MV below!

What do you think of Moonbin and Sanha’s debut?

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