KCCUK will host London’s first-ever Hallyu Con!
“Hallyu Con 2020 Live in London” is a one-day online event that will celebrate and showcase the Korean Wave. The event will be live-streamed from London on 4th October 2020 and hosted by Kpop YouTubers Kai Mastro and Lexi Marie.
Fans can expect an impressive lineup for the event, including performances by:
  • Kpop groups A.C.E, VAV, Alexa and AlphaBAT;
  • R&B and Hip Hop artists PLT (members Moti and Jinwoo);
  • Singer Seung Yeon Son;
  • Indie artists ID:Earth and Turning Table;
  • And folk ensemble Micro Universe.
As well as this, the event will include:
  • A beauty segment hosted by Maree Kinder, founder and CEO of Beauty & Seoul;
  • A fashion show highlighting popular Korean clothing;
  • Hallyu discussion, challenges and games with various Kpop influencers;
  • Discussions. on the globalisation of Korean movies and dramas;
  • Korean food exhibition;
  • Kpop dance demonstrations by UJJN, Risin and IlovedanceNY; and more!
The event is free of charge and will start from 15:00 on the KCCUK YouTube channel.
In light of COVID-19, “Hallyu Con 2020 Live in London” will also join hands with UK charity Children and Families Across Borders to raise money for those in need. Viewers can donate during the live-stream.
More information on Hallyu Con can be found on Instagram.
Are you excited about this virtual event?

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