With a Silk Live-Action film in the works, Korean actresses Park Sodam and Suzy have been recommended for the role of Cindy Moon. 

The discussion about the two actresses potentially appearing in a Marvel production has come from the US publication Variety.

They’ve reported that Marvel superhero Silk could get her own TV series soon. The character, also known as Cindy Moon, is of Korean-American descent.

In the Marvel comics, Cindy is bit by the same radioactive spider as Spiderman, transforming her into Silk.

Following the news of the live-action, there has been speculation about who could bring the superhero role to life.

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However, the feature caught everyone’s attention when it included some big names from the Korean film industry. Park Sodam caught the world’s attention when she starred in Parasite.

Meanwhile Suzy has gained some serious notoriety due her impressive acting skills in South Korean movies and series, thus presenting her as a good candidate for the role.

Fans agreed that either two of the actresses would make for a great Silk.

Who would you like to see as Cindy Moon/Silk? Let us know below!


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