September is winding down slowly, making way for the huge list of October comebacks already rumoured or confirmed. However, that doesn’t mean that artists will be holding back. Touching every edge of the world, the boys are taking over with the four most talked about tracks at UKP HQ this week.

ASTRO members Moonbin & Sanha joined forces to become the first sub-unit duo from the group. Stepping far from the cute image of their debut, the pair stunned fans with a dramatic nightmare concept; perfectly fitting for their first single, “Bad Idea”.

Following the success of “God’s Menu”, Stray Kids are cooking up another fierce track for their first album’s repackage. “Back Door” continued from the album’s original aesthetic but layers colourful visuals, festive sounds and an all-out powerful performance that the JYP group pull off with style.

Idols have also been going global this week, continuing the trend of international collaborations. American artist, MAX has worked with BTS’ Suga before in the most recent Agust D mixtape. Since the song’s release, there has been a strong friendship and professional bond that fuelled ARMY speculation for another duet. The rumors are now confirmed with the release of MAX’s new album, Colour Vision as Suga is featured in “Blueberry Eyes”.

What do you do if you have a song called “17” to reach new listeners? Produce a duet version that uses the concept of 17 to its full advantage. The marketing would practically make itself. PinkSweat$ originally released the song as part of “The Prelude” but after tweeting a picture including “17x17x17x17”, it made listeners scratch their heads. Before long, the code was revealed; with a remixed version of the track that featured SEVENTEEN members, Joshua & DK. The stars certainly aligned and is already uniting PinkSweat$ fans and Carats together.

Check out the full list of releases below:

13th September Jvde Milez (ex-BIGSTAR) BodySign (prod. NEKOBLUE) Milezaway
Hello Bonjour 왜 그런거죠 Brilliant Heritage Soundtrack
Jeong Jae-ho Goodbye Love Interference Soundtrack
Park Goo-yoon Hot Sauce for Love DokGoBin is Updating Soundtrack
Boni Gravity Gravity
FR:EDEN Runaway Runaway
Geeks Heartbreak Hotel (feat. DeVita) Heartbreak Hotel
GV CoCo (feat. EK) Special Class (CoCo)
Nuksal Am I a Slave? Am I a Slave?
Queen WA$ABII NUNU right here My Sister
RAINSTONE Place To Be (feat. Francis) Place To Be
14th September NU’EST A Song For You (Japanese ver.) A Song For You (Japanese ver.)
Moonbin & Sanha (ASTRO) Bad Idea IN-OUT
Soojan & Shin Jimin 하루 Mom Has an Affair Soundtrack
Punch Love Me Do You Like Brahms? Soundtrack
BehindTheMoon End of the night The end of the night
BONA Take Me Take Me Away
Boi Brown It’s My Fault Catch-22
Douner Jenny Jenny
DRC Different Different
ID:Earth Human Be
Knave Hotcake (feat. Soovi) Hotcake
Konsole Reset (Live Edit) Reset (Live Edit)
Postino Speechless Adulthood
Palebluebaby Pine Tree Pine Tree
Park Soyu Our Nights Are Not Too Long Our night is not long
WOOKI Back N Forth Back N Forth
Wazzy Fantasia Fantasia
Youth Libary Don’t wait Youth Library EP.6
YELLA Bloom (feat. sznae) Maybecolorful
B.O.Y Miss You Phase Two : WE
Kim Jeonguk (ex-24K) corner corner
ZELO (ex-B.A.P) Teenager SCARECROW
Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) Kiss Me Do You Like Brahms? Soundtrack
Jin (Lovelyz) 눈꺼풀이 무거워질 때까지 Lonely Enough to Love Soundtrack
Chungha You’re in My Soul Record of Youth Soundtrack
Yu Seungwoo Falling Falling
16th September TWICE MORE & MORE -Japanese ver.- #TWICE3
MAX Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA of BTS) Colour Vision
UNVS Sand Castle Sand Castle
fromis_9 Feel Good (SECRET CODE) My Little Society
Pentagon Twenty-Twenty Twenty-Twenty Soundtrack
AVOKID sorry, too late sorry, too late
BossRabbit Project Hi Sweetie Hello Sweetie
BULGOGIDISCO Forever Forever
Choi Jung Yoon Dance with me baby Dance with me baby
Dumdum Radio Cobra twist Cobra twist
flow Do not make me confused Do not make me confused
17th September Pink Sweat$ 17 (feat. Joshua & DK of SEVENTEEN) 17
punchnello fine! (feat. Kid milli) fine!
Raiden X Chanyeol (EXO) Yours (feat. Lee Hi & CHANGMO) Yours [Blinders Remix]
The BLANK Shop Love Song (feat. Wonpil of DAY6) Tailor
Choi Hyun-joon (V.O.S) 숨만 쉬는 나 Man in a Veil Soundtrack
Floody 우리만 아는 그 길을 걸어가요 When I Was Most Beautiful Soundtrack
April 2nd PDSG PDSG
BlueBEAR Angkor Wat Angkor Wat
eAeon Mad Tea Party (feat. Swervy) Mad Tea Party
Feelsun Eternity Man Some end
Sultan Of The Disco Waiting For Your Calling Back Waiting For Your Calling Back
Urn Burn error code love
18th September 2Z Not without U Not without U
BTS Dynamite (NightTime Version)
TREASURE I Love You The First Step: Chapter Two
Im Han-byeol Star Alice Soundtrack
Various Artists Mr. Heart Full Soundtrack
Park Hyung-hoon Banana Shake Si belle homme Soundtrack
Billy Carter Invisible Monster Don’t Push Me
SAVIYN Sugar Honey Iced Tea (feat. Kiyoné) Voyage.01
19th September Son Yerim 구름 위를 걷는 것 같아 DokGoBin is Updating Soundtrack
Ryu Sujeong (Lovelyz) Lie After Lie Lie After Lie Soundtrack
Yoonmirae Lost Stranger 2 Soundtrack

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