SM has delivered another song with a wild side, albeit several months after the release of the infamous Netflix series Tiger King. If there was one song that could define the EXO and NCT group concept, it’s this one. It’s the modern, younger brother of EXO’s ‘Growl’, but the white/black and red/black coloured entrance tells NCT 127’s videography to hold it’s beer.

With the talented individuals within this group, the track was hardly going to be bad. Baekhyun’s high note is a stand-out moment. Yes, it may not push the boundaries of what SM has been delivering recently, with the rough beats giving off big ‘Monster’ energy, but that by no means downgrades the track. It’s still a beast of a song and there’s an interesting combination of modern-rap trends, particularly the use of terms such as  ‘yah’ with more pop-focused trends such as the high-pitched, melodic harmony. Those things often come together in K-Pop, but rarely is it ever so seamless.

The theme itself is also executed almost faultlessly. The immediate comparison with ‘Growl’ implies a sense of cringe, but that is hardly the case. The drum-based beat along with the somewhat industrialised undertone of the instrumental gives off the impression of a concrete jungle, while the lyrics frequently tackle the internalised sense of being a tiger.

SuperM have served up a delicious gold-standard modern SM track. Dinner’s ready.

Watch the video for ‘Tiger Inside’ below and let us know what you think:


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