MONSTA X’s Joohoney has entered the UK iTunes Top 50 for the first time!

Joohoney’s mixtape, “PSYCHE”, debuted on the UK iTunes chart at no.33, later rising to no.31. The mixtape also took the second spot on the iTunes Kpop chart.

This makes it the rapper’s highest-charting release. His previous mixtape, “DWTD”, entered the UK iTunes chart at no.80.

As well as this, “PSYCHE” charted in seven other European countries, including Turkey, Russia, Germany, Belarus, France, Lithuania and Romania.

“PSYCHE” is Joohoney’s fourth, highly-anticipated mixtape. The mixtape takes us through the different sides of the rapper and consists of seven songs, all of which the rapper has taken part in writing and producing.

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Although the title song is “PSYCHE”, a song that symbolises the successes and failures of one’s life, the rapper has released an MV for the song, “SMOKY”. This song, in which Jooheon displays his drumming, is a story about his past, present and future. Joohoney describes the song as one for his future, hoping that it will wake himself up in the darkness to move forward. Check out the MV for it below!

You can buy “PSYCHE” on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify below.


What do you think of Joohoney’s latest mixtape?


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