NCT has proven just how global they’ve become over the years!

On 12th October, the group released their second full album “RESONANCE Pt.1”, alongside MVs for “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)” and “Misfit”. As of 10:00 BST, the group scored 32 iTunes no.1s worldwide. This includes 7 no.1s in Europe: Finland, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Ireland.

In the UK, NCT just missed out on gaining their first-ever UK iTunes no.1, matching sub-unit NCT 127’s record earlier this year. This was also the case in Germany, where sub-unit NCT Dream previously gained a no.1 in April.

As well as this, the MV for “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)” trended in several European countries, including no.7 in the United Kingdom. Check out the MV below!

“RESONANCE PT.1” is the first part of the group’s second full album. The album consists of 12 songs and is led by two title songs: “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)” and “From Home”. The MV for the second song will be released on 19th October 2020.


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