MONSTA X is back with their third full album, “FATAL LOVE”, and it’s loved across the globe!

According to fan accounts, the album debuted in the UK iTunes Top 10 at no.8. This is the first time the group has debuted this high in the UK, although previous releases have peaked in the Top 10 before.

As of 18:00 BST, “FATAL LOVE” has charted in 32 countries. This includes several European countries, such as Sweden (no.5), Germany (no.20), Belgium (no.16), Italy (no.10), Russia (no.1) and more. In the UK, the album sits at no.10.

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“FATAL LOVE” is MONSTA X’s third full-length album. Whilst showcasing their signature hardcore sound, this album’s ten tracks reinvents their musical approach, with work from several European producers credited. The album is accompanied by the title track, “LOVE KILLA”. The MV currently trends in the UK at no.26, but it appears to be rising.

Check it out below!

What’s your favourite song off of MONSTA X’s new album?


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