RBW Entertainment have had a lot to live up to in terms of girl groups; with MAMAMOO stealing awards, wins and hearts since their debut back in 2014. After years of success, and also honing male talents like Vromance, ONEUS & ONEWE; the label are preparing to unveil the next generation of female idols with PURPLE KISS. The group are yet to release an official single but they are gearing up for quite the interesting debut with their first pre-release, “My Heart Skip A Beat”.

As the first project with six of the seven members, the mash-up of styles is experimental for a pre-debut track but its done as a full showcase of their performance and versatility. So far, their promotional material has showed each member in a different style from the rebellious street girl to a bohemian mage; but there has still been a small hint of mystery.

Boasting the phrase, “I can be anything I want to be”; there is already curiosity as to how their concept can morph from their trailer looks to what appears to be witches or hunters. It is only a concept theory at this stage as the music video is focused solely on their dance performance but with another pre-release song due before the year is over, it may be something to keep in mind going towards their debut.

With that in mind, remember this is their pre-debut which is taking fans already by surprise. Mixing rhythmic rock & metal influences with a trap breakdown may be out of character but it is an idea that’s working with groups such as Dreamcatcher; which has already brought about positive comparisons. However, PURPLE KISS steps away from the signature theatrics and incorporate the industrial and EDM instrumentals into occasional breakdowns throughout the track; both for choreography and a rap verse.

Musical influence aside, it is the members themselves that brings the track together. Each girl has their own moment to shine, in particular in the dance which involves props and creative formations. Yuki delivers the classic girl crush rap and Na Goeun leads in the vocal department with the control and power that is reminiscent of their RBW seniors. The version seen in the performance video does give a majority of lines to her but with vocalist, Swan currently on hiatus, this may be subject to change when the group officially debuts.

Overall, it is shocking to think that this is the first glimpse of PURPLE KISS as a group but it is almost expected considering the groups they are signed alongside. If the heart-stopping girl crush concept will be carried over to their debut is another story but with a second digital single coming soon, it has already cemented their place as rookies to watch in 2021.

Watch the performance video for ‘My Heart Skip A Beat’ below and let us know what you think:


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