With over two weeks to go until the big day, the Christmas songs are coming in thick and fast from idols and indie artists alike and this week saw GOOD GIRL alum, Jamie return with “5 Christmas Languages”; just in time to bring early cheer to our playlists.

We already know that she is a charismatic performer from her time in 15& and solo singles such as “April Fools” but Park Ji Min‘s voice seems to belong and shine in the soul musical style that many female powerhouse vocalists perform during the festive season. Despite the fun Christmas influence, there is still chart music influence blended in for an infectious pop sound. The composers, OLLIPOP & Hayley Aitken handles this mix perfectly as it has become second nature in their work. With songs such as EVERGLOW’s “Adios” and LOONA’s “Heart Attack” under their belt, their style alongside Jamie’s influence in the song-writing team; this song unites them both for a song with both Christmas romance and feminine flair.

The music video is low-key, possibly from the limits of the pandemic but its simplicity is its charm. Either on stage or on screen, Jamie has an aura that sells the song perfectly. From the small glimpses of choreography, bright Christmas lights and the flirty glances to the camera, it looks like it was a genuine joy for her and the backing dancers to film as they are laughing and dancing together for the holidays.

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The countdown is getting closer by the day and what better way to deck the halls than with Jamie. If you’re looking for a new festive bop to join your playlist, look no further and if you are curious about the titled five “languages of love”, Warner Bros Korea has also created an interactive quiz to promote the new song. Do you value assuring words, gifts, physical affection, helpful acts of kindness or simple quality time with your loved one? Take the quiz and let us know what your language of love is in our comments and social media.



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