The debut of a k-pop idol, or group, is very important. For some making or breaking their career. But also debut’s can become an iconic staple of a group, for example; Twice’s Like OOH AHH. So here are some of my favourite debut’s I think are iconic.

10. GFriend – Glass Bead

GFriend is a six member group that was formed by Source Music in 2015. Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, SinB, Yuju and Umji, released their debut album, Season of Glass on January 15th, with the title track Glass Bead. Recently, Source Music was acquired by BigHit Entertainment. Their recent comeback, MAGO, is their  title track from their third studio album.

9. Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

Admittedly, I didn’t get into Miss A until very recently, and this song wasn’t even the first song I listened to. But, after listening to it and other MV’s I became to appreciate the song. Released on July 1st 2010, the JYP girl group topped the charts in South Korea. Bad Girl, Good Girl, was a hit, and still is today. Many girl groups have covered Miss A’s song, keeping it alive through the generations,

8. Pentagon – Gorilla

Pentagon are known for songs such as Shine and Naughty Boy. But for me, songs Like Gorilla, Dr Bebe and SHA LA LA, are my favourite. The group debuted under Cube Entertainment in 2016. The song being released on October 9th 2016. I vaguely remember their debut but I had no idea who any of the members were. Though I remember listening to the song and not stopping for the whole month, it’s still a statement song in any of my playlists. I love the duality of Pentagon, and they’ve shown their talents over and over again in their albums.

7. CLC – Pepe

CLC are a group under Cube Entertainment. The girl group are best known for their comebacks for, Blackdress, NO, and most recently Helicopter. Their debut song, PEPE, was released on March 19th 2015. For me, CLC are always doing their best each comeback, and I always love what they have to offer, but PEPE is iconic for me because of the outfits, the choreography and the rapping. if you haven’t heard any of CLC’s earlier music, then definitely start from the beginning, you won’t regret it.

6. Got7 – Girls Girls Girls

Got7 have to be a given when making this list. Got7 were my first kpop group and their debut song Girls, Girls Girls, even though cringy, is a bop! The MV itself is a lot longer than the track, almost five and a half minutes long, but its definitely worth the watch. Released on January 14th 2014, the boys from GOT7 were ready to show what they had to offer. From their baby faces, to the hair styles, to the clothes,  if you haven’t watched this please do. Every time I watch it, it brings me so much happiness and joy because of the nostalgia.

5. NCT-U – The 7th Sense

So, I have followed NCT from debut, and I am still in awe of this song. NCT and all of their sub-units, are under SM Entertainment. The group introduced their first rotational sub-unit on April 9th 2016, with their single The 7th Sense. When I first heard this song, I was wowed by their vocals and their dancing. watching this for the first time was an experience and I wish I could watch it for the first time again, just to experience the cinematography, the members personalities and those harmonies again.

4. Oh My Girl – Cupid

Oh My Girl is my favourite girl group, but, I didn’t listen to cupid until maybe late last year. Oh My Girl have many aspects to them, which makes them such a  talented girl group. Yet, they are very underappreciated. Released on April 20th 2015, Cupid is one of those cute, preppy songs, and Oh My Girl fit into the concept beautifully. Even though it is a concept that has been done before many times, Oh My Girl do it in a away that is so unmistakably them. Above all else, the song makes me happy and smile when it comes on. An iconic mood lifter.

3. Mamamoo- Mr Ambiguous

Mamamoo are the queens of vocals. The group made their official debut on June 18 2014 with Mr Ambiguous. For me, this song is one everyone needs to hear. The song has amazing harmonies,  mixed with a jazz sound, teamed with a 60s look in the MV. Granted, the girls are baby faced, and they hadn’t found their individual style yet, but it is always great to look back and see where they started. You can always trust in Mamamoo to give you a whole album of great songs, and the earlier albums are no different.

2. Shinee – Replay

Replay is my all time favourite Shinee title song. Shinee, by far, are one of the most iconic kpop groups out there. If you’re into kpop, there are handfuls of songs in their discography you will know. Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Everybody, Sherlock, View, the list goes on. All of them are amazing. But, Replay never fails to make me happy and smile, I am always singing along to this. Released on May 22nd 2008, Shinee are our veterans of the list. Replay is one of those songs where you just need to hear the first few seconds and you already know what it is. The lyric, ‘Noona is so pretty’, is slightly cringe worthy, but you bet I will be belting those lyrics out till the end of time.


EXO’s MAMA is my number one because, what a concept. In my opinion, this is one of the most iconic debuts. MAMA was the introduction to EXO, the MV had two versions, one Korean and one Chinese, for each subgroup. The single was released on April 8th 2012, the day before their EP. Even though the song didn’t reach the top of the charts upon release, for me it is still unforgettable. The introduction to the members is something their  fans will never shut up about. The superpowers are iconic yet cringe, but you cannot deny the vocals. To hit the scene with vocals this strong is amazing. The outfits are also on another shiny level, and lets not forget Kai’s face paint. If you haven’t watched this MV or you haven’t heard this song, well, what are you doing?


These are my top 10 kpop debuts, the ones that are iconic and will always stick in my mind. Which debuts are your favourites? Let us know!


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