British perfume brand Prosody London has featured Wonho’s selfies on their official Instagram story!

Wonho posted pictures of himself holding one of the brand’s perfumes. Check them out here.

His Instagram caption reads: “I love the scent. Thank you for the gift.”

After posting his selfies, the Korean branch of the British perfume brand were quick to share his post on their Instagram story.


The former MONSTA X-member-turned soloist is known amongst fans for his love of perfume scents, often sharing them on his Instagram. His love for perfume scents even made an appearance in his debut MV.

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Wonho has been making moves in the Kpop industry recently. He made his solo debut in September 2020, with his EP ‘Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me. Check out his debut song, ‘Open Mind’, below!

Prosody London is a high culture brand that sells sustainable, plant-based perfumery. Check out their website here.


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