Wenees in the UK are obsessed with Wonho and his chiseled body.

Wonho posted a series of photos on 26th January, on Instagram greeting his fans Good morning. He posted the photos with the caption “Good #morning Wenee. Which one do you like better? 1,2,3,4,5” asking his fans to choose their favorite.

Wenees were in a dilemma since they couldn’t choose which one was their favorite, and have been mesmerised with all of the photos!

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Wenees shared the photos and posted them on different social media sites, causing Wonho to trend worldwide especially in the UK. All of his fans have been hypnotized by Wonho, as they admire his muscular body in the morning photos.

Wonho posted a series of black and white pictures in addition to his attractive morning selfies, which reveal his lighter side. Check them out!


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