On March 1st, ATEEZ came out with Fireworks (I’m The One), the title track for their sixth mini album: ZERO: FEVER Part 2. 

And with this, the group have been crossing milestone after milestone as ZERO : FEVER Part.2 has hit No. 1 on iTunes Top Album charts in at least 36 regions. This includes the United States, the Netherlands, Indonesia, and more.

On March 2nd, ZERO : FEVER Part.2, hit number one on the European iTunes Album chart! ATINY are thrilled and so are we!

ZERO : FEVER Part 2 is an album describing ATEEZ journey of self-assurance and confidence. In an interview with Billboard, member Seonghwa states that he hopes that this album is able to help people gain the confidence and courage to take on challenges.

Currently, ATEEZ is also preparing for their own challenge: KINGDOM: Legendary War. The current line up is Stray Kids, BTOB, IKON and The Boyz and involves groups competing against each other to win a grand prize. KINGDOM: Legendary War is planned to air on April 1st, 2021.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at the music video for Fireworks (I’m The One) below!


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