KPop collaborations; an opportunity for your ultimates to come together and dominate the scene. While they are at times lack luster, often collaborative efforts lead to some of the most memorable songs being created, and allow for a fantastic fusion of different vocal styles and pitches to come together. Here are some of our favourites:

1.nChung Ha ft. Guaynaa: Demente

If you can get past the reoccurring air horn, Chung Ha’s Spanish single is a sun-kissed, sultry bop. Featuring the Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa, it is the first time a Kpop song has been recorded entirely in Spanish, marking more than just an inspiration from the Southern American sound that has inspired previous tracks by artists such as Super Junior and KARD (who also grace this list). Even when overlooking the air horn blunder, it’s a fun, catchy track that truly embodies how global the genre is.

2. Prep ft. Miso – The Stream

If chicken soup was a band, it would be Prep. The British Indie Pop group make tracks that are both pleasing to the ear yet gloriously soul-warming. The Stream is the epitome of this, with a strangely metropolitan sound to it; it’s a slumber, but a delightful one. Miso complements the track beautifully when she makes her introduction halfway through with her soulful vocals.

3. Suran ft. Dean – 1+1=0

Written by Dean, and co-produced by the man himself too, this was almost guaranteed to be a banger. The hip-hop influence is present, but only just. Instead, the catchy pop hook takes centre stage here. In Korean, the word for ‘one’ sounds the same as the word for ‘work’, allowing the song to also make powerful social commentary on how people overwork themselves until they have nothing more to give.

4. Epik High ft. Beenzio, Verbal Jint, B.I, MINO & BOBBY – Born Hater  

Epik High have delivered so many collaborative songs and all of such high quality that it was incredibly difficult to select just one! With so many featured artists, it is challenging to produce a track where everyone has a chance to display their skills, but it has been done here. The lyrics are also rich and filled with metaphors – for more information, check out this post on them.

5. Monsta X ft. French Montana – Who Do U Love?

Was this song a bit of a bop when it was released? Absolutely. Was there also stark criticism about French Montana’s live performance of the collaboration? You bet. The song was Monsta X’s first attempt at breaking the US market, but, unfortunately, the American rapper, Mr Montana, failed to remember his lyrics on several occasions, leaving the group to professionally attempt to cover his blunders. It was upsetting to see, but the group worked so well to maintain the momentum of the performance that it was in itself memorable. However, on second attempt, he was able to complete the song, which was recorded for the Jimmy Kimmel Show, without fault. In all honesty, the line about Gordon Ramsay was also a key reason why the track is on the list.

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6. Loco Ft. Hwasa – Don’t Give It to Me

A slow bluesy track with a fantastic guitar riff, it is a mellow addition to this list. While the track is a bit like marmite, with many critics citing Loco’s nasally rap vocals as a point of frustration, it’s also somewhat endearing and adds character. Each to their own, I guess.

7. Super Junior ft. KARD/Leslie Grace – Lo Siento

As with Chung Ha’s Demente, this song draws strong links to the South American Latin-pop sound. The track is sung in three languages; Korean, English, and Spanish, again highlighting the global nature of KPop. The addition of either KARD or Leslie Grace (a Dominician-American singer) depending on which version you listen to also makes for a fun addition to the track and adds additional pitch which helps fill the track out a bit more.

8. Jackson Wang ft. Rich Brian – TITANIC

Did someone say Rich Brian and GOT7? You bet they did. This track is an absolute beast, and is cold and metallic on first sound. The ASRM-esque whisperings, the strong rap vocal delivery, the seamless collaboration between the two; it is pure excellence.

9. IU ft. G-Dragon – Palette

Effortless, fresh, and soft. These are the three words to describe the collaboration between the Big Bang leader and the renowned soloist IU. It’s a tender pop track with some underlying R&B influence which occurs more prominently during GD’s appearance. While it’s one of the older songs on this list, it is still as strong as some of the more recent entries and appears to be lasting the test of time.

10. Jessi Ft. Jay Park – Drip

Neither Jessi nor Jay Park appear to be “going anywhere”, as both continue to make a mark on the KHip-Hop and rap scene. While not an immediate earworm such as her other singles, Drip definitely grows on you after you listen to it more. It’s unapologetic but not


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