Kim Seonho is an actor, but the 6th May marks his entry into the world of music. Teaming up with Cha Sejeong’s Epitone Project, he’s released the breezy and bright track Reason. Epitone Project itself is a one-person group which focuses on composing music, and has created several original soundtracks (OSTs) such as the song Green for the TV show Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

If you listen to both Green and Reason back to back, it becomes immediately apparent that they are written and composed by the same person. The songs are incredibly uplifting and simple; the perfect backdrop to a romantic comedy or slice of life drama. With this context, Kim Seonho’s entry into the music genre appears to be a logical one, and not too far a departure from his original career choice. His vocals are not brilliant; do not expect any belting, vibratos, or jaw-dropping notes, but what he delivers not only works well with the genre but also is within the vocal range that he is able to (seemingly comfortably) perform.

The only concern I would have about this song is that it feels highly repetitive. There are no changes to the chorus; no change in the melody when it is repeated near the end. As a result, the song appears to go on, and the reprise for the on-screen credits further contribute to this. While enjoyable, it is not necessarily something that I foresee being a repeated back-to-back listen. However, it is still a charming debut piece from Kim Seonho.

A final addition is that the music video for the song is nothing short of perfect. It is a dreamy, idealistic depiction of a morning routine. Waking up in the warm sunlight, taking care of plants, reading and journaling on the patio, eating a delicious-looking piece of toast. The reflection and soft gaze while the credits role at the end is something to admire too. It’s a far cry from the sharp jolt out of bed and the immediate need for caffeine that many people have! Nonetheless, it’s something to strive for.



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