It’s the end of August, and that means summer is officially coming back to an end. The releases this week cherish this, while also packing in enough punch to help everyone find the energy to restart the school year.

Here’s a few of our favourites this week:

Brave Girls are back with another banger. The “Rolling” girls show the diversity in their sound with this electro-pop anthem. “We Ride Again” is a sequel to their 2020 single “We Ride”. It was never meant to appear, but after the resurgence in popularity in both “Rolling” and “We Ride”, this song was born. Emotionally tinged city pop about heartbreak, with a subtle rock undertone is everything and we are living for it.

Kwon Eun Bi’s music video for ‘Door’ is serving Alice in Wonderland vibes, with a rich, deep, Jazz-inspired sound. The increased pace halfway through the chorus is incredibly interesting, adding additional texture to the track. It’s clearly not designed to be a quick sell, but a song with long-lasting value in the ex-IZ*ONE’s discography.

There’s nothing like a slow ballad to usher in the autumn and greet the earlier dark skies to. Lee Mujin really offers a fantastic opportunity to do that with “Scent of the Day”. It’s a warm, soulful song with a string quarter that joins the acoustic guitar after the second verse. It’s tinged with sadness, and would be a fantastic listen in a coffee shop, or the soundtrack to a tragic drama.

Check out a more comprehensive list of releases below:

Date Artist Single
23rd August 2021 Stray Kids Thunderous
24th August 2021 Brave Girls After We Ride
Kwon Eu Bin Door
Loco Ft. George Just Like This
25th August 2021 Mirae Splash
Penomeco Shy (eh o)
26th August 2021 Jay B ft. Jay Park B.T.W.
Lee Mujin Scent of the Day
27th August 2021 LeeHi Only

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