Pentagon returned for their first comeback of 2022 with their 12th mini album [IN:VITE U], released on January 24th. The group had last been promoting just under a year ago with their last comeback song ‘Do or Not‘.

For their latest EP, it is comprised of the standard six songs including the title track ‘Feelin’ Like‘, ‘One Shot‘, ‘The Game‘, ‘Call My Name‘, ‘Sparkling Night‘, ‘BAD‘.

It is noted that Jinho, who is the oldest member had finished his military service and this would be marked as his first comeback back to the group since he had enlisted.

The press showcase which highlights Pentagon’s comeback is linked below, along with the Q&A session which shows the members talking about why they chose their concept for this comeback and how they would describe their EP to a new or seasoned listener. 

They also discuss how the EP was carefully constructed, what gives them inspiration, they talk about the bond that they share with each other, what they would like to say to their fans and more!

Kukinews / Lee Eunho

“Compared to your last album, which featured a playful vibe, this album features a
mature and sexy vibe. What is the reason why the band chose to transform the overall
concept/image? Also, what are PENTAGON’s capabilities (writing, composing,
performance, concept portrayal, etc.) that you want to emphasize in this album?”
  • JINHO: It’s our comeback after 10 months and its already been 5 years since our debut.
    So we tried our best to present our own colors and while thinking about the concepts
    that we haven’t tried before, we thought it would be great to show a mature side of us.
    So far, our attitude toward love has been passive, but this time we added the act of

Nocutnews / Kim Sujeong

“It’s already your 12th Mini Album. It seems to be the evidence that PENTAGON has
been promoting diligently for a long time. What do you want to gain from this album as
a group?”
  • HONGSEOK: I hope this album becomes a successful turning point for PENTAGON. I wish
    this album is remembered as a fresh change that appeals to UNIVERSE, the audience and
    the reporters.

UnitedKpop / Kristine Phillips

“If you could describe your latest EP in three words, what would they be?”
  • WOOSEOK: First of all, I would say, “chameleon‟. Just as its body color changes
    depending on the temperature and background behind it, PENTAGON has gone through
    a new challenge and we all fit into it very well.
    Second, the phrase “craftsmanship‟ fits well because we’ve prepared this album with
    delicacy and so much detail.
    Third, literally, it’s legendary. So please look forward to our album. / Ericka Puyat

“Album sequencing defines the relationship between each song to convey the overall
message of an album. As members have also participated in each of the tracks on this
album, could you share how the tracklist for [IN:VITE U] was curated?”
  • KINO: If a novel has six chapters, the mood or the vibe of it becomes different whenever
    the order of the chapters changes. Since the tracklist is very important when it comes to
    revealing the exact energy and the concept of the album, we thought about it a lot.
    From the moment when we started to work on this album, our staff and the members
    had lots of meetings and we were able to have a deep understanding of the album
    production. Thus, it wasn’t that hard for us to work on album sequencing.

Nocutnews / Kim Sujeong

‟Feelin‟ Like‟, in which KINO, JINHO, and WOOSEOK also participated in the lyrics,
became the title track. What is the reason why “Feelin‟ Like‟ became the title track?
  • YEOONE: As many people may know, we did a blind testing of more than 500 songs in
    producing this album and selecting our title track. „Feelin‟ Like‟ was selected as one of
    the best tracks and I thought the same too. Since we wanted to show a more
    sophisticated side of us with this concept, the track seemed to fit well with it. After the
    title track was selected, it wasn‟t difficult for us to fit into the new vibe during the music
    video and album jacket shooting since we already had a good overall understanding, just
    like what KINO said. A lot of people helped us in the process of presenting our group in
    a different way this time, so we were able to happily make our comeback with solid

Koreadaily / Jeong Dami
Mydaily / Kang Dayoon

“The members participated in composing and writing lyrics of the title track “Feelin‟
Like‟ and B-side tracks. Where do you get inspiration when you produce songs and are
there any memorable moments? Also, how do the members help each other?”
  • SHINWON: The album was made with the motif of our life stories. While working on
    song production with WOOSEOK, we thought, “Let’s make a K-pop song this time”. And
    when I think about K-pop, I think of HONGSEOK. So my goal was to satisfy him with our
    music. During our B-side track meeting I asked him, “How was the song with the guitar
    sound?” and he was like, “What was that song again?” I thought I failed then, but when
    HONGSEOK listened to the completed track he liked it, so I felt confident again. To
    mention one more thing, what I’ve realized while working with WOOSEOK is that he did
    not only write raps while working with HUI, but also absorbed all of HUI‟s skills. I was
    very impressed and came to respect WOOSEOK in terms of music. RESPECT. WOOSEOK
    is HUI Jr.

NME / Tassia Assis

How was the process of choosing songs for this album? Did you search for a specific
mood or concepts you wanted to express?


  • YEOONE: As I’ve mentioned earlier, what we wanted to show through this album was
    very clear. Since we had a very clear concept in mind, it was easy to know which points
    to look at during the selection process. Among the 500 tracks there was so much
    outstanding music, some even made by famous producers, but our members‟ songs
    were very well-made too. Our label staff also participated in the selection through the
    blind testing, and our members‟ songs got selected. The overall song selection process
    was pleasant to us.

GMA Network / Aimee Anoc
Kukinews / Lee Eunho
The Korea Herald / Choi Ji-won

“What are the goals you want to achieve through this 12th Mini Album “INVITE U‟?”
  • YANAN: Our members would have the same thought, I hope we can win 1st place on
    music shows with “Feelin’ Like‟. During our “Daisy‟ promotion, we had won 1st place but JINHO wasn’t with us. So I hope to win 1st place together with him this time.

Host: What is your pledge for winning 1st place?

  • JINHO: Should I try shooting a body profile photo? / Ericka Puyat

“Ever since your comeback was announced, positive comments and words of
excitement were left on SNS by new fans who are eagerly anticipating their first
PENTAGON comeback as a UNIVERSE. What would you like to say to those who are still
getting to know you and your music?”
  • YUTO: Our songs are very good to listen to, but there is so much good music out there
    in the world. If you listen to our song though, I assume it will remain as a good memory
    in your life. Just give us 5 minutes out of your 24 hours and we can satisfy you with our
    music. Also, I want to see JINHO‟s body profile photo, so please listen to our songs. I’m

You can check out Pentagon’s music on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal. The Official M/V for ‘Feelin’ Like‘ has also been linked below too.


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