Today, V.I.Ps from northern Ireland waited for BIGBANG to arrive at George Best Airport, fans had also been there since the night before. Unfortunately BB had missed their flight today, They should be arriving in Ireland on the 5th of November.

NI V.I.Ps were also shown on UTV click here to view the news broadcast.

V.I.Ps across the UK have been wishing T.O.P a very happy birthday! We’d like to wish T.O.P a Happy Birthday from UnitedKpop too, When BB arrived in London on the 3rd (4th KST) fans sung Happy Birthday to T.O.P!

V.I.Ps also wished BIGBANG good luck in the MTV EMA’s, and shouted for YG Concerts in the UK.

Arrivals (taken from the George Best Airport) are bold, departures in italics. (Minus 2 hours for check-in time)

London Heathrow     BD80     08:20     Scheduled 08:20
(Corresponding time in London is     07:00    BD080  from Terminal 1)
There are other 7am flights from Heathrow to Belfast, not listed on the George Best site
London Gatwick     BA6187     10:15     Scheduled 10:15
London Gatwick     BE962     10:15     Scheduled 10:15
(Corresponding time in London is 08:50     BE962 from South Terminal)

These other flights  on the George Best Belfast City Airport but it’s too early to find corresponding flights on
Heathrow and Gatwick pages, but estimated departures are given based on the times above:

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London Gatwick     BE966     14:00     Scheduled 14:00 (Corresponding time: 12:35)
London Gatwick     BA6191     14:00     Scheduled 14:00 (Corresponding time: 12:35)
London Gatwick     BE970     18:05     Scheduled 18:05 (Corresponding time: 16:40)
London Gatwick     BA6195     18:05     Scheduled 18:05 (Corresponding time: 16:40)
London Heathrow     BD90     18:55     Scheduled 18:55 (Corresponding time: 17:30)

There could be later flights which aren’t listed yet, it’d be best to check early in the morning for updates.
There are rumours flying around that they’re supposed to be landing at 9am, We however cannot confirm this.

If you do see BIGBANG, be polite and wish them good luck in the EMA’s!

Any fans cams would be appreciated; please send them to

Credit: Rebecca Strachan.


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