Initially, it seemed appropriate to review a seasonal song that’s fitting with Christmas being only a matter of days away. Instead it seemed more fun to look back at one of the undoubtedly hottest songs of the year in K-pop, whether you’re a fan or not, which was Hyuna’s ‘Bubble Pop’.

For those of you who may not have heard this song, ‘Bubble Pop’ is a catchy dance number with a fast tempo. This may be fairly usual in K-pop but ‘Bubble Pop’ is pretty unique and has a distinct sound, as Hyuna provides some of the background beat vocally at times. Also, about two thirds of the way through the song, perhaps the typical place where a rap would fit in, there is instead a dub-step break. This, at first, is a little unexpected but gives the song an awesome contemporary vibe and fits the song very well.

‘Bubble Pop’ is a suitable summer song which reminds me wistfully of summers-gone-by and Paulo Nutini’s song ‘New Shoes’. Both songs have a slightly fluffy song subject perhaps, but they are amazingly catchy, with lyrics and a sound that are just cute enough that they make you smile. Hyuna’s edgier vocals at times bring a different tone to the song, which contrasts nicely with the fairly cute sound and help blend the dub-step into the song more smoothly.

If we look at ‘Bubble Pop’ as a song that was to try and make it into the British market, I think it would stand a good chance of succeeding. It is a cool sounding song that is memorable, and with dub-step being a current musical trend in the UK, the break in the song will appeal to a wider variety of people here. Not forgetting that this song (and the video) caters well to Hyuna’s usual ‘sexy’ concept which is something we are quite used to hearing in the music we listen to here in the UK, and perhaps have even grown to expect. Also, with its electro sound and catchy English phrases throughout the song, it has the potential to be a solid summer anthem. It never fails to remind me of the song ‘Babycakes’ by Three Of A Kind which has a similar cute, electro sound and was a massive hit in the UK a few years back. Perhaps ‘Bubble Pop’ could also be likened to the distinctive sound of La Roux (‘Bulletproof’ and ‘In For The Kill’) who has been very successful with her unique music.

As such, due to other songs with similar styles and fast electro sounds being very popular here in the UK, objectively ‘Bubble Pop’ has the right ingredients and capability of being a big hit. I, for one, sincerely hope to hear this song being played on radio stations next summer!

Overall score: 4/5

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