With the rapid approach of Dream High 2, UnitedKpop thought it would be best to review the much-loved drama ‘Dream High’.

Here you would find a quick reminder of what happened in the original series before you watch the new sequel and if you haven’t watched the original series, this article should help to make up your mind.

Dream High is a teenage drama which focuses on six students journey to stardom in the Korean Entertainment industry. And what makes this drama stand out more upon the rest is the cast; it contains the likes of Suzy (MISS A), Taecyeon (2PM), Wooyoung (2PM), Eunjung (T-ara), IU as well as JYP himself. From the cast consisting of many idols, one would expect for the acting to be less captivating. However, this is not the case, as the drama progresses we also see the development in the acting of these idols. The drama also consists of many performances held by these idols and through this, the real stars are able to showcase their individual talents.

Go Hyemi [Suzy] is an arrogant girl that is talented in singing. She lives a perfect life until her family is swamped in debts. A series of events leads to Hyemi with little other alternative than to audition to attend Kirin Arts High School. However, despite with the singing abilities she has, her arrogance only leads to her having a conditional offer. The conditions to her enrollment contain getting two other students to enroll: Song Sam Dong [Kim Soo Hyun] and Jin Gook [Taecyeon].

Yoon Baek Hee [Eunjung] is known as Hyemi’s follower, however this all changes upon her getting accepted into Kirin Arts High School. Here she portrays herself as a fierce student through her timid appearances. She works hard to debut and does anything to achieve her ambition.

Pilsook [IU] and Jason [Wooyoung] are both students that managed to successfully get into Kirin Arts High School. They also form a couple of which is now known to the K-pop world as the ‘milky couple’. This is because of the cute chemistry they both share on screen.

Good Points

–       The storyline is unique and the drama would surely make you laugh, squeal as well as sympathise with the characters

–       There is a twist in the drama with the couple pairings and this makes it more realistic – the childhood lovers may not always become lifelong lovers

–       You are able to view a different side of your favourite idols as well as their growth in terms of acting. They are also able to showcase their different talents in this drama

Bad Points

–       Despite the acting skills of the idols improving throughout the drama, it is still mediocre. However, taking into consideration that their main talent is singing and not acting it could be classified as good. In addition to that, the drama is about the pathway of future singers and it is most suitable for actual singers to take on this role


Dream High is a must watch drama if you’re an avid fan of K-pop. If you do not like K-pop however, you should still watch this drama. Why? Because Dream High would definitely surpass your expectations of teenage dramas and especially those that contain idols rather than real actors.


Have you watched Dream High? Did you enjoy it? Do you want to watch it now? Let us know in the comments!

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