Miss A have recently made a great comeback with the catchy, reggae-style single “I Don’t Need A Man”!

As you may have expected for a song all about female independence, the girls take on a very dominant and masculine style for the concept. However, they also parallel this with a much more girly look that emphasises their right to be beautiful and feminine.

Want to know how you can emulate this look at British High Street prices? Keep reading!

The first look is incredibly simple, the focal points being a blazer and some stompy black boots. The girls have “machoed” themselves up by adding these items to some high-waisted shorts and a crop top. Of course, if you dislike baring your legs and midriff (which is not advisable in current weather conditions anyway!), a longer top and some thick neutral-coloured tights could also word very well here.

I think it’s a great factor of UK fashion that women can embrace a more masculine side so easily. It really does not take a lot of effort to find a great-looking woman’s outfit that playfully mimics masculinity. So don’t be afraid to try it out, even if you are normally a girly-girl type!

(By the way, I also think it should be more socially accepted for males to express more feminine styles in fashion. K-Pop seems to do this pretty well already…hopefully the influence will carry into the UK fashion market as time goes by!)

A nice second look is sported the Miss A’s music video, we see the girls showing a much more feminine look. However, we can still see an edgy style that is typical of the sassy JYP Entertainment group.

There is quite an expensive prom dress that I have featured in my suggestions, but any pretty and frilly dress that you can pop an inexpensive petticoat under will serve the same purpose!

The idea of this look is to show your girly side, but still maintain an element of power. Whereas in the first look we see a heavier footwear, here we are shown a much more womanly ankle boot.
You can afford to go a little wilder with your accessories here too and perhaps be a little more daring with your make-up compared to the first look where a more natural face is shown.

1. Black Zebra Print High Waisted Shorts – River Island: £25
2. Top – H&M: £9.99
3. Cindy Wanted Print Crop Top – boohoo.com: £6
4. Jacket – H&M: £29.99 5. Black Patent Worker Boot – attitudeclothing.co.uk: £26.99
6. Leonie Black Leather Look Buckle Biker Boot – boohoo.com: £30
7. MoMoonZ Skull Cameo Necklace – attitudeclothing.co.uk: £9.99
8. White Tasha Moustache Pendant Necklace – boohoo.com: £8
9. Lucy Multi Spiked Ring – boohoo.com: £6
10. Hell Bunny Ursula Dress – attitudeclothing.co.uk: £51.99
11. Flora 50s Vintage Rockabilly Net Petticoat, 25″ Length Red Skirt – amazon.co.uk: £19.99
12. Black PU Shorts – River Island: £30
13. Top – H&M: £7.99
14. Red Check Shirt – River Island: £30
15. Sarah Studded High Neck Crop Top – boohoo.com: £12
16. Nadine Turn Over Collar Wedge Shoe Boot – boohoo.com: £20
17. Black Metallic Peplum Top –River Island: £18
18. Black Biker Boots – River Island: £75
19. Black Moustache Ring – River Island: £4

With these suggestions, hopefully you can get started on letting out your inner dominant side through your clothing and let everyone know that you don’t need a man! 😛

As always, all suggestions are items taken from the online stores, make sure you search for them on there if you are interested in purchasing any!

What do you think of this article?
Will you be trying out this look for yourself?

[Sources used: Google Images, riverisland.com, attitudeclothing.co.uk, h&m.com/gb, amazon.co.uk, boohoo.com ]


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