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With the massive success of ‘Gangnam Style‘  many fans and haters alike were highly anticipating PSY’s next release, to see if he could raise the bar and come up with something just as creative as before. To the non-inducted audience, it really seems like he’s pulled another catchy dance from the depths of his – presumably a little crazy – mind. But the dance of ‘Gentleman‘ is what many K-pop fans know as Brown Eyed Girls‘ ‘Arrogant dance’ from their 2009 hit single ‘Abracadabra‘, which some fans aren’t too pleased about.

Turns out, PSY has actually bought the rights to perform the choreography from ‘Yama & the Hot Chicks‘, making it a fully licensed cover – whether you are a pleased fan or not! But, why did he even choose the dance in the first place? 

Turns out Psy is a man with a plan, and what might that plan be? He told the audience at his April 13th concert ‘Happening‘, “I plan on remaking not only the dances in South Korea, but also the songs.” 

He added, “There aren’t that man music industries that have so many ‘dance points’ like our country. My horse dance was just one dance with a ‘point’ and I will continue to interpret the different ‘dance points’ in K-pop and introduce them overseas. I wish that the original owners of those dances will get the spotlight overseas. I would also like to interpret our songs and show it to the world.”

Psy already managed to dominate YouTube once before, and it seems like he’s headed to dominate it once again. But can he introduce the world to K-pop?

It’s great to see him using his popularity to benefit other Korean artists and not only himself. What do you think?

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