I can almost hear you now: “Oh no, yet another angry rant on something that has been debated about countless times already?!” I know, I’m sorry. But I have felt so motivated to say my piece about this situation that I simply had to write a (very) small piece on it. I hope I will be able to stimulate thought and conversation with this article, despite this well-traversed topic.

Recently, it was reported that the body of a female was found in former g.o.d member Son Ho Young’s car. Just as everyone was thinking we could have a crazy K-Pop murder case on our hands (okay, maybe not), it was revealed that the female in question was Ho Young’s girlfriend that, in fact, committed suicide inside his vehicle.

This is indeed a shocking event and fans immediately began to worry about how Ho Young would take such a tragic and terrible event.

Needless to say, he is left devastated by what has happened and, unsurprisingly, all of Ho Young’s schedules (including his involvement in g.o.d’s planned comeback) have been halted for the foreseeable future.

Son Ho Young

Of course, after any tragedy, a person needs support from their loved ones and privacy to grieve for some time. This is why I was quite surprised to see pictures of Ho Young as he attended his girlfriend’s funeral. His eyes so full of tears and his face so tired as he was seemingly fully consumed by his grief.

I felt as if I was some sort of clandestine voyeur. As if I am seeing something that I shouldn’t see. Funerals are for family members and close friends, not for the whole world to see.

But then I thought…he IS a celebrity. So people will be interested in stuff like this and Ho Young and all his family and friends probably expect a media presence given the shocking circumstances of the death.

A few days later, it was revealed that Ho Young had tried to commit suicide himself as a result of the trauma. Thankfully, he failed in his attempt, but it left fans extremely worried.

What this vulnerable man needs now is help. He needs support.

However, a few days later amateur footage of Ho Young’s manager pleading with hoards of photographers to move out of the way in the hospital as Ho Young was being wheeled through on a stretcher surfaced online.

Watching video footage of this situation is really quite upsetting. Ho Young’s manager is understandably highly distressed as he begs the members of the press to move away, but the press ruthlessly continues to snap photos and shoot their videos.

This was just too much. This is a ground-breaking story and I’m sure journalists and photographers would get paid a large sum for getting the material for this scoop – but to actually physically hinder the the man from getting medical help in the process?


Even though the media world is cut-throat and tough to make it in, it leaves you questioning when exactly would morals come into play here? Or do they even come into play at all?

Yes, he is a celebrity, but he is also a human. He is a broken man right now and the very least the world can do is back off and give him the time he needs to repair himself as much as he can.

What do you have to say about this situation?
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