A few months ago all five members of SHINee travelled to different countries to record footage of their overseas adventures for their special show SHINee’s Wonderful Day. Onew travelled to Thailand, Jonghyun headed to Japan, Taemin visited Switzerland whilst Minho and Key went to England.

Minho has managed to compile a creative video highlighting his visit over here. Starting from footage taking place right after a performance with his fellow bandmates, he presents a chronological video of his travels around the UK leading up to the flight back home to Korea.

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As well as include shots of tourist hotspots in London that vary from walking down busy streets to a quiet stroll in the park, he also provides clips of his journeys on the public transport…and attending a football match up North too.

[youtube id=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8wCEtjk9bE”]


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