With HMV’s recent financial crisis, many stores were forced to close, and as a result, the much loved K-pop section in HMV Oxford Circus became no more. The biggest entertainment retailer in the world solved their crisis and found their feet once more, now their Kpop section is back, and better than ever with a whole selection of new titles!

So if you’re in London you may want to see what HMV Oxford Circus has to offer! They tweeted photos of their newly stocked shelves today and here’s how they’re looking.


There is a wide range of artists on offer, such as Hyuna, B.A.P, BEAST and SHINee. Plenty of these artists are ones that are featured in our UKP K-pop Singles Chart right now, with current albums such as 2PM’s Grown and 4Minute’s Name Is 4Minute on the shelves too!

HMV Oxford Circus is HMV’s flagship store and can be found at 150 Oxford St, London, Greater London W1D 1DJ

HMV asked us before, which titles you would like to see in their store, so leave us your requests in the comments and they’ll see what they can do!


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