Many of you will know that Dazed and Confused aim to feature the most avant garde and unusual music in their pieces and are no strangers to the genre of K-Pop, having featured it many times in the past on their website.

They have now featured G-Dragon’s ‘Coup D’Etat’ in their latest instalment of ‘Top 10 music videos of the month’!

There is no particular order to this countdown, however each video gets a short description and an explanation as to why it has been included in the monthly feature, underneath G-Dragon’s music video, it reads;

Dominant K-pop group BigBang’s biggest break out star, G-Dragon, brought Diplo and Bauuer on to produce ‘Coup D’Etat’.  The imaginative scope of this mostly monochromatic video is enormous, it’s a K Pop trait to cover a range of varied set pieces, but however divergent in feel they are all presented beautifully to further embolden G-Dragon’s enthralling persona.

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You can see what other videos have featured by reading the original article here.

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They have featured G-Dragon before and have even interviewed him. This is not forgetting a special feature interview with G-Dragon’s labelmate and 2NE1 leader CL, as well as featuring her powerful solo single ‘The Baddest Female’ !

Do you think Dazed and Confused’s report do justice for the K-Pop genre?
What artists would you like to see them write about in the future?
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