Following on from the first UnitedKpop Personal K-Music Playlist article, here is my one. I’m sorry it’s not as varied as it should be. This was very tricky to do.

First K-Music song I liked

* Two songs to cover this section. Bakkwo – Lee Jung Hyun and Bu Dam – Baek Ji Young. I have to thank Dance Dance Revolution music for introducing me to Korean music. I didn’t think much of Kpop other than how very club/electro/dancey it was and did not pursue any music because it didn’t interest me back then. Lee Jung Hyun’s Bakkwo was fierce to me (back then, that is) and it was hard to dance to.

Song I dislike/just find way too mind-boggling

* Baddest Female – CL Although I’m not a hardcore Blackjack I don’t mind some of 2NE1’s songs and understand why the band gets young people very inspired because of their fierce girl power slogan, but this song irks me a little. That whole “Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good you know” just doesn’t settle well with me. I guess this Inner Ahjumma isn’t genuinely feeling the message of the feisty CL. Sorry Blackjacks :'(

First song I heard and didn’t even know it was in Korean

* Dear Friend – Cho Yong Pil I first heard this on a Jpop oldies compilation album and assumed it was in Japanese without looking at the lyrics properly. Big mistake there. Also heard a Cantonese cover from another male vocalist but forgot who sang it sadly. Cho Yong Pil is a legend and I had no idea back in the days when I was slowly treading on Jpop territory. Didn’t think much of the song when I first heard it. However now it is a different feeling.

Song I listen to when happy

* Lady – BIGBANG This could possibly be my personal “Noona” track like how NU’EST have their Noona song but I think Lady applies to any female regardless of whether they’re younger or older than BIGBANG. I know it’s far, far away from the band’s funky hip-hop or R’n’B tracks but this song makes me helplessly fuzzy inside. And let’s face it, fangirls want to be that girl who got picked to stand up on stage with them.

Song I listen to when sad

* Bo Go Ship Da – Kim Bum Soo First Kdrama song to get me very weepy. This is a song from Stairway To Heaven which was a massive tearjerker and a painful drama to sit through. I haven’t watched the whole drama but I did see the last few episodes and just cried for hours. Kim Bum Soo has powerful vocals when it comes to ballads. If you need to cry for whatever reason, play this guy’s music. **Can I add BoA’s Jewel Song here too? That song can make me come close to tears. I first heard it in Japanese and it was on repeat for a while.**

My favourite K-Music artist

* BIGBANG. These guys definitely sealed the deal with my Kpop listening when I got to know them better. To me they were a reminder of what I had missed out when I had taken a long holiday from religious Kpop listening and made me sit up to take some Kpop seriously. I like how their music does not limit itself to just hip-hop or generic R’n’B. They have a mix of dance, easy-going pop tunes and the odd rock tune…like Oh My Friend. I also appreciate how they’re one of those bands who were given the opportunity to compose their own songs, breaking the stereotype that boybands never compose their own tunes.

Song that helps me relax

* Coffee Shop – B.A.P I’ve never had a Kpop song that could help me relax but Coffee Shop is the first one to officially do that. It’s mellow, not too demanding and I can sit down to enjoy my hot drink while reading a book or brainstorming story ideas.

Song which makes me want to get up and rave/scream/party

* Crayon – G-Dragon To begin with I thought the song was nuts and wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not. But after attending BIGBANG’s Wembley gigs it made me actually like this song because it got me out of my seat to scream and wave my hand around. I definitely got my cray on thanks to GD.

Song which takes to me to another world

* Butterfly – G-Dragon The MV for the song is so nice. I just close my eyes and imagine myself in that same forest like in the video…and hope to bump into a forest creature that looks like GD’s character.

Fave song of 2013 so far

* One-Shot – B.A.P One Shot gives me strength and the belief that I really do have…one shot at reaching for something. The opening violin part gives me chills because it sets the tone of the song. I liked the MV because it was action-packed and reminded me of HK action films briefly.

A song of 2013 that is on repeat

* Growl – EXO Truly a guilty pleasure song. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched the dance practice MVs and the second version MVs. There is something ridiculously charming about this song and the choreography.

Song I’m loving right now

* Coma – B.A.P My favourite song from the One Shot mini album. A break-up song and how the couple go insane with their feelings for one another still lingering. I get goosebumps as soon as the song starts and that feeling gets stronger when Daehyun and Youngjae sing the chorus.

Collaboration song I like

* Tri-Angle – DBSK/BoA/TRAX This was the first time I had heard of DBSK when they were still a quintet and I had a brief fangirling session with these guys. BoA and TRAX caught my eye when I saw the link to the MV so I thought I’d take a look since I knew two of these acts. I was blown away with the mix of symphonic music along with a touch of pop and rock and how it went from slow orchestra to a vicious rock sound then back.

Song which taps into my fragile soul

* Love Song – BIGBANG Shockingly enough I didn’t think much of this song before the Wembley gigs. It wasn’t until I heard it live and TOP opening the song did my mind explode (and how he looked rather tearful at one of the Japanese arena gigs while singing this). Alongside Monster , Love Song was a track I fell for even more after hearing it in a live performance. Reading the translations for Love Song tore me up inside.

I close my eyes and feel your breath, I dream of you
A smile spreads across my lips, you’re breathing with me now
Time, please stop, don’t divide her and I
Wind, stop blowing, this is my last letter to you

First Korean rock song I liked

* Got more than one here. Ghost School – EVE and Paradox – TRAX I got into TRAX from hearing their cover of an X Japan song and Yoshiki was their former producer. Paradox was so in your face. I really liked it. Ghost School is one of EVE’s heavier tracks and one of the go to tracks to lose my mind.

Song which makes me want to stand up and fight

* Warrior – B.A.P These guys are probably the current band who I listen to to make me feel more confident in myself. To feel determined to fight my enemies worries. In other words Warrior makes me all “Grrrr.”


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