When shopping online for my favourite facial cleanser, I stumbled into a lot of really good deals and my weaker side gave in. I know, I know; I’m a victim to consumerism. Anyhow, I saw this particular product for little over a pound and curiosity got the better of me. (I’m not doing well in this story, am I?)

The product you receive comes in a flat, palm-sized packet, cute and pastel pink, as expected. The nose strip is a soft green colour, accentuating the ‘green tea’ concept and has a plastic adhesive cover to keep it clean and fresh before use. The smell is lovely, too; it doesn’t smell like green tea – does green tea even have a smell..? – but as I remember it wasn’t a chemical, off-putting scent but rather fresh and sweet.

The instructions, written in Korean and English, tell you to wet your nose and then apply the strip, having already removed the adhesive. In my opinion, you’d get better results from this product if you steamed your face first to open the pores, which in my excitement and hurry, I did not do. The packet says to leave the strip on until it dries, but mine wasn’t wet when I put it on… When your nose is sufficiently drowsed with water, there still isn’t enough water for the strip to become soaked at all; it’s too thick. At most there were one or two darker patches on the strip.

After leaving the patches to fade a little, it’s time to pull off your nose pack. I can honestly say that this is nothing like pulling off a plaster, so don’t be frightened about that. The only thing to be frightened about it what comes off on the strip (!) which sounds a little gross but hey, what are you using it for? In fact it feels more like peeling an orange, if a comparison is even necessary. Moving on..!

I can’t fully gauge how well this product performs after just one use, but the results aren’t astonishing. Since this nose pack is so cheap, it might be worthwhile picking up between 4 or 5 and using them every 5 days, if you want to see a difference. As no moisturizing ability is promised, you should definitely moisturize after using the pack because it will have stripped a lot of oils from your face and so your face will feel the need to replenish these oils by means of releasing sebum. No thank you!  I can’t say it’s a bad product though; it smells good, it doesn’t dry your skin out (if you moisturize!) and the packaging is super duper cute. But bear in mind that you might not look as cute while you’re wearing the strip!

I’d give the Green Tea Nose Pack an 8/10. The packaging and product are wonderful, but I’m still somewhat confused about the ‘drying’ stage.

I got my pack from Kpoptown.com because I heard shipping time was quicker and, of course, I needed my cleanser as soon as possible. Etude House products are available at most websites selling Korean cosmetics, so you can check the one you use most regularly.

Have you used this product before? Or maybe you were looking for something similar and now you’d like to try this? Let us know in the comments below!


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