This may look like quite a narcissistic theme of posts for us to write, and well, it is. However, we don’t just want to shove our personal K-Pop choices in your face, we actually want to begin a dialogue between ourselves and you – the reader!

We want you to get to know us, but to also share your opinions on our song choices and – more importantly – make your own playlists that you can share with everyone.

So, here is the first of the series, and I have invited other UnitedKpop staff members to do the same, so you should be seeing their personal K-Pop playlists very soon. Please do share your feelings on each in the comment section at the bottom!

First Song I Liked/Song  with the Fondest Memory Attached: DBSK – ‘Mirotic’

This song takes up two categories for me, in that it was the first K-Pop song I heard and that it makes me feel really nostalgic for many reasons. During the time that I heard it, I was studying my A-Levels and I look back on those times with a lot of fondness. I remember laughing so much every day with my friends, looking forward to lunch breaks and free lessons when we could spend time with each other. This was a time when I was in a lovely bubble and did not worry about a lot. ‘Mirotic’ became a theme tune of sorts for some of us; I remember attempting the dance whilst sitting on chairs because we couldn’t do it while standing without falling over. This song is also special because it reminds me of a time when DBSK were a 5, which I still miss quite a lot despite how time changes things.

Song I Listen to when I’m Happy: Shinhwa – ‘Eusha Eusha’

Rather than choosing this as a song to listen to when I am happy, I use it to get me into a state of happiness. I use it to cheer me up – which it almost always does (failing that, I just watch ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ instead!) This song is obviously cheesy – it’s terrible, but I can never resist jumping around and doing the dance.  Hyesung’s vocals are amazing too, even in a song as silly as this.

Song I Listen to when I’m Sad: DBSK – ‘Stand By U’

I don’t like listening to sad music when I am sad (as mentioned above), I don’t want to listen to something that will make my mood worse. However, this is one of the more sad songs that I absolutely adore. DBSK would put so much passion into their ballads and this song is beautiful. Their Japanese is also amazing, which brings forward my admiration for the members’ capacity to learn a new language so well and fluently.

Song I Know the Entire Dance to: Orange Caramel – ‘Magic Girl’

This gives you an idea of the level of dance skill I possess, and I can’t even do this dance properly. It is quite fun to try though, especially when you are with others. I find Orange Caramel’s concepts rather annoying, but it is often quite fun to learn their sickeningly girlish choreography.

Song with the Best Lyrics: G-Dragon – ‘She’s Gone’

As a K-Pop fan that cannot speak Korean, I feel like I miss a lot of the meaning from the songs I listen to. I am a firm believer that music is a universal language, and yet, I often wish I could understand all lyrics as they come from the singers’ mouths. I often look up the English translations of K-Pop songs and there are so many gems sandwiched between the typical tunes about clubbing and having a good time, so this was a hard decision to make.

I know that many VIPs rave about G-Dragon’s talents, but I have to agree that he is a man of many skills – his song-writing being one of them. I believe this music video for ‘She’s Gone’ was only played during his ‘Shine a Light’ concerts, but it mirrors the lyrics in their shocking violence and harshness. You can feel the emotion as G-Dragon practically spits the words from his body like venom. The lyrics depicting the pain of a betrayed lover are so poetic, “I think I’m pitiful, I think I’m stubborn…I tore all the smiles you showed me, I grinded all your love inside my heart.” G-Dragon has even mentioned in the past that he unintentionally forces his relationships to fail in order to gain inspiration for his work. You can definitely feel a sense of experience here.

My Favourite Artist: Super Junior

This is an incredibly hard decision for many K-Pop fans to make, but for me, Super Junior encompass  the genre entirely. They have a ridiculous amount of members, yet each one shines through in their own ways, making them what they are. They pull of amazing choreography along to some insanely catchy and bouncy songs. I also love them on variety shows and programmes. They really are an all-rounder in my humble opinion.

My Favourite Music Video: GD & TOP – ‘Knock Out’

Another tough decision, but here is a YG Entertainment staple, plain backgrounds, weird sets, colourful outfits, Be@rBricks and other expensive paraphernalia. It’s the Hip Hop stereotype on steroids and I love every minute of it. I also love the fact that it just involves G-Dragon and TOP having fun with toys, bubblewrap and segways. I apologise for the garish Taiwanese subs, of course, the original MV was sadly removed by YG Entertainment quite a while back. Who wants a GD and TOP album volume 2?!

Song that gets Stuck in my Head: SHINee – ‘Replay’

I still cannot listen to this song even today. Just putting it in this playlist has led to it being dangerously close to being put on ‘Replay’ in my brain (he he, you see what I did there? Okay it wasn’t that good). I actually do like this song; it’s very sweet, cute and, as always, shows how talented SHINee are even from the very beginning….I just can’t listen to it for fear of the consequences.

Song I Dislike: HyunA – ‘Bubble Pop’

I’m sorry to all HyunA fans for this. I like her as a person, I do, but as soon as she steps on stage I’m afraid I cannot stand it. She is beautiful, but she is way too over-the-top with the sexiness for me. There is being effortlessly sexy, and then there is trying-way-too-hard-all-the-time sexy and I feel she fits more into the latter. Of course, this is probably down to CUBE Entertainment telling her to be so, but unfortunately, I also dislike her singing/rapping voice.

Favourite Song of 2013 So Far: 2PM – ‘Comeback When You Hear This Song’

This song has spent so much time in my head this year it’s unreal. Once again, 2PM have managed to make even the most emotional of songs something you can dance to and that is a quality that I love about them as I am not a big fan of ballads. The choreography is powerful, the tune is infectious, the MV style is suave and manly. Wonderful.

Song I’m Loving Right Now: TEEN TOP – ‘Rocking’

Only recently have I started giving TEEN TOP the credit they deserve as a group. They really are very talented and make some really great songs with a good beat. I understand that this single won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, simply because it is loud, sporadic and lacking in emotional depth. However, it really gets me pumped and I am left in awe at their amazing dance skills.

Song I Listen to When I Want to Relax: B.A.P – ‘Rain Sound’

Some of the hardest working boys in the business, B.A.P have pelted us with songs since their debut early last year. This song is very sad and solemn, a complete contrast to their ‘Warrior’ debut single. However, I find it strangely soothing with their soft voices and melodic flow. The music video is really beautiful too, along with their fashion.

Each playlist is the writers’ personal choice and all opinions expressed are their own, completely and unashamedly biased! 😛

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